From the 1st of January 2021 the Triathlon Australia Anti-Doping Policy is the Australian National Anti-Doping Policy and can be found on the Sport Integrity Australia website:  Australian National Anti-Doping Policy

All members, participants, and non-participants in the sport of triathlon are bound by these rules. This includes athletes, support personnel and employees whose employment contracts enables this.

 Warning to all Triathlon Australia Members and Support Personnel

1. You are responsible for knowing what the anti-doping rule violations are.

2. You must find out which substances and methods are prohibited.

3. Ignorance is no excuse.

4. You must be aware of the rules of the Australian National Anti-Doping Policy.

5. The Australian National Anti-Doping Policy adopts the strict liability principle.

6. Athletes are responsible for anything found in their system.

7. You must be aware of the sanctions that could be applied to you in the Australian National Anti-Doping Policy.

Please remember that all athletes are responsible to check the status of any medication or substance prior to use. 

Athlete Testing - Do you know that Triathlon Australia members can be tested for performance enhancing methods and substances? 

Any athlete may be required to provide a Sample at any time and at any place with a valid request by a Sport Integrity Australia official (or an official acting on behalf of Sport Integrity Australia) for testing. Evading, refusing, or failing to submit to sample collection during or after notification could result in an athlete receiving a sanction. The penalty for evading, refusing, or failing to provide a sample upon a valid request may be the same as providing a sample that contains a prohibited substance. 

Testing can occur either In-Competition or Out-of-Competition such as at an athlete’s training venue or home address. Testing is often carried out with No Advance Notice and sample collection can include the collection of urine, blood, or both. 

Please remember that all athletes are responsible to check the status of any medication or substance prior to use. 

Further information on athlete testing, who can be tested, athletes rights, athletes responsibilities can be found on the Sport Integrity Australia Website under Athlete Testing

Sport Integrity Australia - Australia's National Anti-Doping Organisation

Sport Integrity Australia (formerly ASADA) is Australia's national anti-doping organisation established in 2006 by the Australian Government. The role of Sport Integrity Australia is to develop a sporting culture in Australia that is free from doping, and where an athlete's performance is purely dependent on talent, determination, courage and honesty. The Sport Integrity website provides information for all Triathlon Australia members and participants which includes the prohibited substance list, therapeutic use exemptions, e-learning, check your substances, athlete whereabouts and report doping. 

1. 2021 World Anti-Doping Code

2. Anti-Doping Rule Violations

3. Athlete Testing

4. Athlete Whereabouts - High Performance Athletes

5. Prohibited Substances and Methods

6. Supplements in Sport

7. Investigations

8. Therapeutic Use Exemption

Sport Integrity Australia Anti-Doping Website Page: Sport Integrity Australia Anti-Doping Website

Sport Integrity Australia Anti-Doping Current Sanctions

Under the World Anti-Doping Code there are 10 possible anti-doping rule violations. Anti-doping rule violations information can be located on the Sport Integrity Australia Website.

Sport Integrity Australia maintains the National Sports Sanctions Violations list.

World Anti-Doping Agency List of Prohibited Substances and Methods List 2023

The World Anti-Doping Code List of Prohibited Substances and Methods List 2023 came into effect on the 1st of January 2023.

Sport Integrity Australia e-Learning Education - Anti-Doping

Sport Integrity Australia provides several excellent e-Learning Anti-Doping education courses available to all triathlon participants. Sport Integrity Australia e-Learning Anti-Doping education courses include:

Sport Integrity Australia Anti-Doping Clean Sport 101 e-Learning Course: Clean Sport 101 is an introduction to Anti-Doping rules written in plain English. Designed for pathway athletes early in their careers, unlikely to be tested, and community/grassroots levels. Triathlon Australia suggests all members (12 years and above) to complete online education course, including junior members, non-competing members, coach members, technical officials, and adult competing members.

Sport Integrity Australia Anti-Doping Parents Guide to Clean Sport e-Learning Course: Parents Guide to Clean Sport is designed to teach parents or young athletes about Anti-Doping rules, doping risks, healthy sport culture, nutrition and the risks of supplement use. Triathlon Australia suggests all parents of junior athletes (18 years and below) complete this online education couse.

Sport Integrity Australia Anti-Doping Fundamentals e-Learning Course: The Sport Integrity Australia Anti-Doping e-Learning course is a free and easy-to-use online education tool featuring online courses, videos and learning updates. The Sport Integrity Australia Anti-Doping Fundamentals course provides comprehensive anti-doping education designed for all athletes and support personnel participating in competitive sport. Triathlon Australia suggests all members (14 years and above) to complete this online education course, including all Triathlon Australia members who compete at club, local and national races.

Sport Integrity Australia e-Learning Education Course Name: Anti-Doping