Education Livestream: Why Every Athlete Needs to Know Their Brand

Education Livestream: Why Every Athlete Needs to Know Their Brand

The Athlete Brand 

MAY 16, 6pm – Why Every Athlete Needs to Know Their Brand

Our next Facebook Livestream in our Education Series will be on ‘Athlete Branding’ and the importance it has in assisting in the development of the athlete’s profile. Triathlon Queensland endeavours to provide our members with content that adds value to their triathlon pursuits, which is why we continue to work on bringing informational Livestreams right to you! 

Mark your calendars and set those reminders and join us on May 16 at 6pm, to gain some insights, learn something new, and even have some of your niggling questions answered by the best in the industry.  

Don't forget to turn on your notifications so you know when our Facebook Livestream has begun! Simply, head to your settings, click on notifications, press On Facebook, scroll down to Live Videos and turn the notification on. 

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Why Every Athlete Needs to Know Their Brand

Ever thought about your Athlete Brand? Are you unsure of what it actually is? Is it only for famous athletes and social media superstars? Good news, it’s not! In this webinar What is an athlete brand and why do I need it? Charlotte Woods from The Brand Builders will explain what an athlete brand is, why it’s important and how knowing your brand can help you engage valuable sponsorship. 

About the speaker:
Charlotte Woods, the co-author of The Athlete Brand book, is passionate about helping athletes develop their profile and build their brand. Curating and managing the online community of athletes who seek information about sponsorship and brand, she offers support, guidance and creative ideas for athletes of all types and abilities around the world.
Link to the Athlete Brand (eBook and printed):




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