The Top 3 Reasons Why You Need to Race a Duathlon this Winter

The Top 3 Reasons Why You Need to Race a Duathlon this Winter

Duathlons are often the hidden gem of the multisport community with some great events that you can really use to your advantage if you typically only focus on triathlon races. With the cooler temperatures in winter, the triathlon season heads into a small hibernation period which is when the run-bike-run duathlon fun starts. Duathlon events which are held over the run-bike-run format have a rich history with many athletes commenting on just how much they enjoy mixing up the disciplines over this exciting format. 

Race Day Skills
Duathlons are the best way to practice your race strategy, pacing, nutrition, hydration, and equipment setup at what can be referred to as a hard brick session. By racing in the cooler months at duathlon races, you might find that you gain an edge over your competitors when the triathlon season starts. Duathlons allow you to hit the season strong with some racing already under your belt. 

If you are not the strongest swimmer, then a duathlon allows you to have the opportunity to make the most of your strengths with just running and cycling. Additionally, if you are new to multisport events and are intimated by the swim leg (which many first timers can be), then the run-bike-run allows you to (not) get your toes wet in experiencing what multisport events are all about. Hopefully this can help provide you with a boost in confidence for when the weather warms up and the triathlon season begins. 

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Powerful Training Motivation During the Cooler Months 
The majority of triathletes often find that winter is one of the most challenging months to stay motivated in training. With such cool temperatures and the thought of swimming in cold water, motivation to train can decrease significantly. One of the greatest ways to stay motivated to train over this time is by having a race to target. With only a very small number of triathlon events taking place, duathlon events allow you to focus on an event goal and help provide that extra motivation to train over winter. 

Build Your Mental Toughness 
If you thought you had ‘jelly’ legs when you stepped off the bike during a triathlon, then get ready for a great challenge. The run-bike-run format means that your legs never get time to rest while racing which can be a great new challenge to embrace. Triathlons may even feel ‘easy’ after you tackle a duathlon or two during winter. 

While duathlons are often a great introduction for many competitors looking to take on the challenge of other multisport events, duathlons can also be a great stand-alone event with major Duathlon events such as the Triathlon Queensland -Wellcamp Airport Duathlon – State Championships offering a great opportunity for all ages to enjoy racing the run-bike-run format. 

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