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Triathlon Australia Statement - Doping Sanction

Triathlon Australia Statement - Doping Sanction

Triathlon Australia aims to enable our elite athletes, age group athletes and all race participants to compete in a sport which is free of performance enhancing substances and methods. 

Each year Triathlon Australia completes  a number of in competition and out of competition performance enhancing substances tests on elite and age group triathletes in collaboration with our partner ASADA. Age group athletes may have seen age group athletes being tested by ASADA at national age group championships in 2018/2019.

Australian age group triathlon team members are subject to the Triathlon Australia Anti-Doping Policy. Australian age group team members are made aware of the Triathlon Australia Anti-Doping Policy when they are selected to the team each year and each athlete agrees to this policy when confirming selection through the Australian Age Group Team Athlete Agreement. Australian Age Group team athletes are clearly made aware that they may be tested for performance enhancing drugs before, during and after competitions. Triathlon Australia works closely with ASADA in educating Australian age group team athletes across a number of anti-doping areas including the testing process, athlete rights and how to check any medication which an athlete may be currently on.

Triathlon Australia CEO Miles Stewart said we are committed to a clean sport and have a zero tolerance to doping at any level. We are strong advocates of the rigorous process to drug testing in and out of competition for all our athletes.

"We're one of the only sports in the country that actually tests age group athletes because we feel  it's really important to provide a safe and fair environment for all our competitors racing. And when you test, sometimes you catch people out,” said Stewart.

The International Triathlon Union in conjunction with ASADA completed in competition drug tests on age group athletes at the 2018 ITU Age Group World Championships. Triathlon Australia supports the ITU and ASADA in completing elite and age group drug testing. Stephen Thompson a male 35 to 39 age group Australian team member was tested for performance enhancing drugs at the event. Stephen returned a positive result and thus after a detailed investigation by the ITU was sanctioned accordingly. Triathlon Australia supports the ITU’s sanction of Stephen Thompson and we strive to ensure that all athletes competing in Australia compete in a sport which is free from performance enhancing substances and methods. 

Under the privacy act we are not able to give out individuals personal details. 

Please note Stephen Thompson is no longer a member of Triathlon Australia.

All Triathlon Australia members are subject to our Policies found at