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Triathlon Australia nominate team for World Triathlon elections

Triathlon Australia nominate team for World Triathlon elections

As World Triathlon embark on another four-year cycle of governance and delivery of their strategic plan, Triathlon Australia has put forward a team of candidates for election to Board and Committee positions to usher in the next chapter of promoting and advancing our sport.

Australia has a rich history of patrons who have held positions within World Triathlon, and their contributions to the advancement of the sport have been significant.

In particular Bill Walker who was first elected as the Oceania ITU Representative on the Executive Board of ITU and in 1999 was elevated to the position as Treasurer, a position held until 1994. Secretary General of ITU from 2004 to 2008, First Vice President from 2008 to 2012 and was re-elected as Vice President in 2012. His role on the ITU Board was primarily financial management working with the CEO and Finance Director to maintain financial stability of ITU.

Triathlon Australia has been a member of World Triathlon since it’s inception in 1989 and has had Olympic, World and Commonwealth champions including Miles Stewart who has put forward his nomination to the Board. He brings a wealth of knowledge from an athlete, corporate and board perspective. Miles has been the CEO of Triathlon Australia since 2016 and prior to that served as a member of the Board.

Each candidate is highly qualified, skilled, and has an integral understanding of the sport in their varying capacities. Each has significantly contributed to advancing our sport within Australia, but also globally and would be valued members in delivering on the goals of World Triathlon.

»     Focus on both elite/Olympic/Commonwealth Games and thriving age group events
»     Creation and delivery of a new strategic plan
»     Strong focus on governance and finance
»     Supporting national federations
»     World Triathlon should be the leader of multisport competitions across the world

On November 29 World Triathlon will hold their AGM and these candidates will be voted on. 

 World Triathlon Executive Board  Miles Stewart OAM OLY
 World Triathlon Technical Committee  Lyndell Murray
 World Triathlon Tribunal Committee  Barry Lipp
 World Triathlon Legal and Constitution Committee  Stuart Corbishley
 World Triathlon Multisport Committee  Brian Hinton
 World Triathlon National Coaches Committee  Justin Drew
 World Triathlon Paratriathlon Committee  Kyle Burns
 World Triathlon Medical and Anti-Doping Committee  Dr Tony Best
 World Triathlon Women’s Committee  Michelle Cooper

We would like to wish all the candidates well in the voting process.