National Integrity Framework

The National Integrity Framework applies to all Activities organised or authorised by Triathlon Australia or a Member Organisation and will be adopted in full by each Triathlon Organisation.

Sports integrity means the manifestation of the ethics and values that promote community confidence in sport. Threats to the integrity of sport includes the:

(i) manipulation of sporting competitions;

(ii) improper use of drugs and medicine in sport;

(iii) abuse of children and other persons in a sporting environment; and

(iv) failure to protect Members and other persons in a sporting environment, from bullying, intimidation, discrimination, or harassment.

Triathlon Australia seeks to take a proactive approach to mitigate the integrity threats to Triathlon in Australia and to provide a safe, fair, and trustworthy environment for all Participants at all levels of Triathlon.

The National Integrity Framework is one of Triathlon Australia's responses to the threats to the integrity of Triathlon and sets out the broad expectations for the conduct of all Participants in Triathlon, including procedures for managing, reporting, investigating and determining potential breaches of its Integrity Policies.  

National Integrity Framework: Commencement 4th of May 2022

The National Integrity Framework:

The National Integrity Framework is made up of 6 policies aimed at protecting the integrity of triathlon competitions and the wellbeing of participants across triathlon.

1. National Integrity Framework - This policy introduces the Framework.

 2. Child Safeguarding Policy - This policy sets out processes and practices to ensure children are safe and protected from all forms of abuse, harm and neglect while participating in triathlon.

 3. Competition Manipulation and Sport Wagering Policy - This policy protects the integrity of triathlon sporting competitions by prohibiting conduct like match-fixing, corruption, betting on triathlon and disclosing inside information.

4. Improper Use of Drugs and Medicine Policy - This policy protects the health and wellbeing of athletes by ensuring sports science and medicine staff are appropriately qualified. It prohibits the misuse and administration of injections and medicine in the sporting context, including supplement use. This policy also sets clear rules regarding the use and distribution of illegal drugs by anyone in sport.

 5. Member Protection Policy - This policy sets out expectations and behaviours to ensure everyone involved in triathlon is treated with respect and dignity.

6. Complaints, Disputes and Discipline Policy - This policy sets out the process for managing allegations of prohibited conduct under the National Integrity Framework that may lead to possible disciplinary action.

Who does the National Integrity Framework apply to?

In policy terms the National Integrity Framework applies to all 'Relevant Persons' and 'Relevant Organisations':

A Relevant Person is anyone bound by the National Integrity Framework Policies at all levels, from the national level through to club sport including:

  • participants
  • employees
  • contractors
  • coaches
  • officials
  • support personnel
  • volunteers

A Relevant Organisation is any organisation bound by the National Integrity Framework Policies including:

  • Triathlon Australia
  • State and Territory Triathlon Associations
  • Clubs and teams

Sport Integrity Australia e-Learning Education - National Integrity Framework

Sport Integrity Australia has developed an e-Learning education course which provides sports administrators including triathlon and or multisport club administrators/ volunteers, State and Territory Triathlon Association administrators/ volunteers and national sport administrators/ volunteers with background on Sport Integrity Australia, the development of the National Integrity Framework, and why it was developed including the overview of each Policy.

Sport Integrity Australia e-Learning Education Course Name: National Integrity Framework