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Concord Triathlon Club are a big contributor to the sport, and are a club that provides a lot of value to their members. As we draw closer to Club Champs in Forster, the time and place where club spirit truly shines, we caught up with Susan Strmecki. She is the New Member Liaison Officer of Concord Tri Club and discusses how she got involved, her role within the club and what it provides, as well as a few things she’s looking forward to about the big event!


How did you get started in triathlon?

I've always wanted to get into triathlons but didn't think I was fit enough / strong enough / good enough. If I could talk to my 20 year old self, I would have told her to just bite the bullet and give it a go. I didn't know anyone who had done a triathlon, but regardless, the desire to get into the sport just grew over time to the point that I finally contacted Concord Tri Club and haven't looked back!


How did you get involved in Concord Tri Club and what does the club mean to you?

I turned up to the first aquathon and was hooked - I knew by the end of the session I'd be back for more. The club means far more to me than I think people realise. I've never been any kind of athlete but the support and encouragement from club members has enabled me to achieve things I would never have thought possible - including doing my first 70.3 last year alongside three other club members. That is something I'm incredibly proud of.

It can be a bit intimidating turning up to a new club, especially when you don't know anyone, but I was lucky that Concord Tri Club took me into the fold quickly. I'm paying it forward now by taking on the role of new member liaison. I go out of my way to meet new members, explain how things work, introduce them to everyone and generally try and make them feel supported and encouraged. We all start our journey at the beginning.

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Concord are currently sitting 4th on the Sydney Triathlon League 1 calendar (only 2.5 points behind big club Bondi BRATS in 3rd as well as Balance and Macarthur  up ahead).

We are rallying the troops to ensure a good turnout for Club Champs - look out Bondi BRATS - Concord is coming!


What are you looking forward to about Club Champs (final round of the interclub series worth double points)?

I love the camaraderie of Club Champs - it's the last big celebration of the season and the atmosphere of the event is so contagious. I have my fingers crossed for good conditions this year - riding in hail last year really demonstrated my commitment to the sport.

If I'm really honest, I want to let my hair down at the after party - it's rumoured to be quite the event, and as someone new to the sport, I haven't had the opportunity to be able to reminisce about the after party!

Susan .2

Any other interesting points to note about your involvement in the club and the club itself.

Concord is a relatively small club so it's hard to compete against the big ones. However what we lack in numbers we more than make up with club spirit. Encouraging and supporting each other, having fun and achieving our goals alongside not just club members, but true friends, make this the club I'm proud to be associated with. 


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