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A triathlon love story- Johan Lequien and Ange Argueta

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We all know the power that triathlon can bring to individuals and communities. It brings together people from all walks of life to share in something special, that often ventures beyond swim, bike and run.

We got an insight from Johan Lequien about the love of his life, Ange Argueta, and how triathlon fits into all this. Here's what he had to say.

How did you and both meet?

Ange and I met around 1.5 years ago in Tasmania, when hiking the Three Capes Track. Our romantic journey became official at a triathlon race soon after.

We both discovered triathlon down under (I come from France and Ange comes from Guatemala) and recently became NSW Technical Officials!

We are both training at the same times during the week, and we usually share 2 or 3 weekly swims together.

Talk us through the lead up to and the proposal itself.

When preparing my gear before the race, I put the ring in my running shoes. After transition, I carried the ring throughout the entire run course, sweating but smiling. I opened the ring box at times to share this moment with other runners and with the photographers. All of them were cheering me on, saying “Go Jojo, you will make it! It’s going to be a fabulous moment” or “please wait for me, I want to see it!".

One highlight was that we met a local Kiwi the day before, who offered us some beers at the bar. He said to us that we have to get married, despite knowing nothing about us and what would happen the next day!


Why did you choose to propose at Challenge Wanaka? 

It was natural for me to propose to Ange at the end of Challenge Wanaka. A unique Half Ironman (70.3 distance), a distinct and scenic landscape (the mountain and lake was ideal), and a beaming smile that will stay forever at the finish line.

New Zealand was also a completely new destination for us. I could have done it in Cairns, but I had already finished the full Ironman there before.

What does your triathlon club mean to you both?

Ange and I have always considered Warringah Triathlon Club as part of our life. Triathlon for us is more than sport. It’s part of our values, weekly fun and life experience.

Our Warringah Triathlon Club is more than just a club! It is the place where we have met friends for life, and where many important moments are shared. I know I can trust and get supported by the people with whom I swim, run and cycle everyday. Their support has been so important to me during the last 2 years, which have been difficult for me (not because of Ange of course!)

What is the plan for the wedding?

The wedding should happen in 2024, maybe during the Paris Olympic Games as we are sport addicts!


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