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Announcing Our Exciting New Sponsorship with TRI ESSENTIALS!


Triathlon NSW is excited to announce a new partnership with a premium wetsuit brand called Tri-Essentials.

We are pleased to share an exclusive welcome offer to our members of 10% off any Tri-Essentials wetsuit order through the month of September. Check your email for the discount code sent on September 2nd.

Triathlon NSW CEO Adam Wicks welcomes Tri-Essentials on board as the official wetsuit supplier of TNSW: "I am so excited to launch this sponsorship with Tri-Essentials. In today's uncertain times, it’s extremely exciting to work closely with Richie and his team and we extend the warmest of welcomes to the newest partner of the Triathlon NSW family. For those of our members who are in the market for a new wet suit, we strongly encourage you to support those who support us and check out their product range."

Read on to find out more about this exciting new brand!

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Our Brand is no brand, and our goal is for you to reach your goals. We offer premium suits for dedicated swimmers and athletes without all the branding, only what you really need to get the job done. 

Whether it’s a length of the pool or beach, a few kilometres, or maybe you’re prepping for a serious race. Our suits are made so you can swim faster, train harder and Essentially be the best you can be. 

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With decades of experience making wetsuits for major brands in the industry, we decided the time had come to start our own brand. Our goal was to create premium, ‘competition grade’ wetsuits at half the price and with no unnecessary additions. 

Our branding stays on the inside, and we don't focus on endorsement deals, athlete contracts or bricks & mortar shop mark-ups. With this philosophy, we offer our product through digital platforms, and the value for money is unmatched. 

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Our time goes into engineering suits that enhance the user experience and meet the performance, comfort and functional demands of the athlete. Drawing on years of experience has allowed us to develop our SMOOTHSKIN™️ and AQUAFIT™️ technologies, which are testament to our constant pursuit for innovation. 

In the field, our wetsuits are put to the test by athletes in the harshest conditions they can endure. We also perform advanced buoyancy and hydrodynamic testing, as well as seam flexibility tests. These stringent measures ensure the quality of our wetsuits exceeds your expectations. 

“I’ve spent my fair share of hours swimming in the ocean, and I know the benefits a quality wetsuit will offer; more buoyancy, unrestricted movement and faster swim times. Tri-Essentials hits the mark for performance and value”. – Trevor Hendy, Iron Man Champion.

What really matters is your performance and how you feel when you’re in the water. 

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Our goal is for you to reach your goals.
Let’s reach them together.


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