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August 25th: From the CEO, Adam Wicks

I first want to thank each and every one of you for your faith, understanding and support in having renewed your membership for Triathlon Australia/NSW and your local club in season 2020/2021.

Your commitment to Triathlon and the sport in NSW will go a long way to ensuring our future sustainability as an organisation. We now aim to repay your faith by continuing to service our clubs and members, and support Race Directors and other stake holders during this tumultuous and unprecedented time.

The cancellation/postponement of a number of large commercial events in NSW in September, including the much loved and highly anticipated TNSW Club Champs, was another speed bump in the landscape. However, I urge you all to focus on the positives. Club racing has returned and will continue to engage our members, and clubs and coaches across NSW continue to deliver group training while adhering to their COVID-safe plans.

But like a lot of organisations, Triathlon NSW is taking this opportunity to gain further insights and understanding of how we can continue to support and assist during COVID-19 and beyond.  This will be in the form of surveys directed at our members and clubs, to be released next week. I strongly encourage you all to take the time to provide us feedback and answers. Your insights will shape the direction that our organisation goes regarding:
a) How and where we invest our time to engage new people into the sport;
b) How we can better assist and contribute to clubs and members during these challenging times;
b) How and what our messaging and communication channels engage with you all;
c) How Triathlon NSW can support the sport to survive this period of difficulty.

To encourage your participation, we have four (4) Elite Energy Vouchers to give away to random members who complete the survey, so please give us some feedback and insights when we contact you. Until then, thanks very much and stay safe, healthy, training and racing.

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