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BUDDY UP and Race for Free Thanks to Elite Energy Events!

BUDDY UP and race for FREE at Port Stephens Triathlon, thanks to a new initiative from Elite Energy Events (EE).

EE are always excited to see newbies taking to the sport of triathlon, and now they're inviting you to bring a “buddy” to experience their first race Super Sprint (Enticer) at Port Stephens. The best bit is, you can race alongside your buddy for FREE!

How it works:
- You compete in your chosen event (Sprint or Standard distance), then you get to race in the Super Sprint (Enticer) WITH your buddy for FREE assisting them through their first triathlon (your novice buddy must pay for their race).
- You must race alongside your buddy and finish together.
- If your buddy is a little afraid to take the plunge, you can help them out and do the swim for them while they wait for you.
- This opportunity is all about you encouraging your buddy to get involved. Your buddy will wear the timing chip and will receive an official finish time.
- When your buddy is registering for the event, they can nominate you as their buddy, then we’ll know you’re racing with them.

What an awesome way to get your mates involved! Start thinking of some friends, family and colleagues that may just need that initial support to get to the start line!



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