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Benefits of a discounted membership for the rest of the tri season


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Have you tried a tri this season and keen to continue?

Across this great state, every weekend, triathlon races are being run by our wonderful commercial race partners, and our local clubs.

We know lots of people purchase ‘One Day Licenses’ to complete in those races, which covers the individual for their race. For many, this is seen as the most cost effective way to ‘dip their toe into the triathlon water’ and decide if the sport is for them. So what’s the next step for our newbies who purchase ‘ODL’s’?

If you plan to continue racing and training this season, an annual membership of Triathlon Australia/NSW and your local club is the way forward.

Triathlon NSW has more than 60 clubs across the state that offer training, social events and club races for you to take part in. Joining your local club and Triathlon NSW affords a wide range of benefits which can be found by clicking here. To sweeten the deal, Triathlon NSW is happy to offer a refund of your One Day Licence off the price of an annual membership. Combined with the current Triathlon Australia 6 month ‘Discounted Membership’ there has never been a better and cheaper time to join our association and your local club.  

So if you spent $15 on One Day Licenses, Triathlon NSW will reduce your membership by $15.

As an extra incentive, you will also receive a free pair of TNSW branded Scody Cycling Gloves, valued at $40. Email adam.wicks@nsw.triathlon.org.au with a receipt of your One Day Licence fee from any race you competed in from July 2019 until now, and we will reduce your Triathlon Australia annual membership by the same amount. Now that’s a good deal!

To find a full list of all Triathlon NSW Affiliated clubs – click here.

To sign up or for more information on becoming a member – click here.

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