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Club Champs Important Update


As most of you would be aware on Tuesday morning a surfer lost his life in a shark attack at Tuncurry Beach. First and foremost, our most sincere thoughts and condolences go out to the gentleman’s family and friends in what must be an extremely difficult time.

Some participants may have concerns regarding the safety of this weekend’s Triathlon NSW Club Championships at Forster Main Beach. Elite Energy and Triathlon NSW would like to keep our triathlon community informed as further details come to hand, with athlete safety remaining our priority.

In the past few days Elite Energy have been in discussion with our water safety professionals, the Department of Primary Industries (DPI), the Mid North Coast Council and the Forster Tuncurry SLSC. Currently all beaches in the region remain closed with the area under constant watercraft and drone surveillance. Elite Energy will meet with authorities later this afternoon and pending the outcome a decision will be made surrounding the format of the Triathlon NSW Club Championships.

If the beaches remain shut, the race will become a Duathlon (run, ride, run) with the following distances:



Duathlon Club Championships (16+)
(Run, Bike, Run)

4k, 30km, 8km

Duathlon Half Club Distance (14+)

(Run, Bike, Run)

2km, 11km, 4.5km

Junior Super Sprint (12-13yrs)
(Run, Bike, Run)

1.5km, 8km, 3km

TriKidz Race (10-11YRS)
(Run, Bike, Run)

400M, 8km, 800m

TriKidz Race (7-9 YRS)
(Run, Bike, Run)

200m, 1km, 400m


If the entire event becomes a duathlon, the same point structure will remain in place.

If the beaches are declared safe by the authorities and reopened, participants will be given an option to either compete in the Triathlon NSW Club Championships in its original format (Swim, Bike, Run) or to compete in a Duathlon (run, bike, run) format. This will give concerned participants the ability to still take part in the Triathlon NSW Club Championship.

In this scenario, those who choose to take part in the Full Duathlon (Run, Bike, Run) will earn participation point as per the normal allocation.

The rationale behind this decision of Triathlon NSW was to uphold the integrity of the competition and ensure that the Duathlon, like the Half Club Distance, allowed an athlete to remain a part of this great event, still contribute to their club but does not diminish the ‘main event’ being the full Club Distance race.

For those who choose to do the swim, after consultation with Triathlon NSW Manager for Technical and Events, a number of additional risk mitigation strategies have been implemented, these include:

  1. A drone in the air, monitored on the beach and watching over the race swim circuit.
  2. Spotters on the beach, with radios in constant communication with Race Organisers.
  3. Additional water safety including a significant increase in IRB’s and additional boards.
  4. Alternations to the course proposed which will reduce the footprint of the swim.

Club Championships is not only about racing and earning points for your club, but it is also about having fun with family, friends, and training companions. Both Elite Energy and Triathlon NSW work tirelessly to ensure a great mix of fun, racing and comradery at the Triathlon NSW Club Championships whilst providing a safe and enjoyable race experience. As soon as further details come to hand, we will notify all participants via email and social media platforms.

If you have any questions, please contact us at info@nsw.triathlon.org.au. 


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