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Exciting new partnership launched to enhance development for future Olympic hopefuls



Triathlon NSW and Triathlon ACT, with the support and guidance of Triathlon Australia, are pleased to advise of some changes in the Development Pathway for season 2021/2022 and beyond.

Across NSW, and now including the ACT, the philosophy of the Pathway will remain the same, to create environments where athletes can develop the necessary tactical, technical, physiological, and psychological skill competencies to aid progression through to the National Athlete Pathway. An athlete who is in a program aligned with the pathway should not expect their program to replace the requirement to have a home coached program and a Daily Training Environment (DTE). However, their participation in the pathway should enhance their DTE and support TA accredited home coaches. 

The Development Pathway is fully aligned with Triathlon Australia under the expert guidance and instruction from Brendan Sexton, TA National Talent Development Coach, and Elise Rechichi, TA Performance Pathway and System Manager. Brendan brings with him a deep understanding of how to make it to the pinnacle of the sport, after he represented Australia at the 2012 London Olympics, representing the green and gold.

Brendan Sexton stated “This partnership is a positive step forward for the NSW/ACT triathlon community. The regions’ respective Pathway Programs have provided unique opportunities for young triathletes to learn new skills, enjoy competition and create long term friendships with like-minded people for many years. This partnership will not only bolster these outcomes but also provide further opportunities for participants to maximise their enjoyment and potential in the sport."

Firstly, Triathlon ACT will be launching the ‘Triathlon ACT Talent Academy’ (“TACTTA”). This ACT based program will align ACT athletes aged between 13 and17 with the NSW Rest of State Talent Academy (ROSTA) and the Regional Academies of Sport (RASi) programs. Utilising the successful administrative and financial model already in place with ROSTA, the TACTTA forms a critical part of the pathway, whereby the philosophy will remain the same, ‘Do a triathlon, don’t be a triathlete’. It is about skill development, fun, and allowing athletes to fall in love the sport. TACT athletes will continue to represent their home ‘territory’ at state and national events, wearing ACT colours and apparel but for economies of scale and ease, they will travel with the NSW athletes.

To support the journey of athletes from the ACT, and as they proceed through the pathway, the Emerging Talent Squad (ETS) and Under 23 (U23) programs will be expanded with spots allocated specifically for them. This is essential to ensure that the addition of ACT athletes does not reduce the opportunity for NSW athletes to receive draft legal racing and training experience.

Adam Wicks, CEO of Triathlon NSW stated, “We warmly welcome ACT athletes into an aligned pathway between our two states. By creating a program that supports both NSW and ACT we are providing opportunities for a critical mass of athletes to come together, learn from and support each other, leading to enhanced athlete development, and greater overall impact. We see this as win/win”.

Furthermore, Geoff Bartlett CEO of Triathlon ACT expressed that, “It is with great excitement that TACT align with TA and TNSW in a more formalised capacity.  Through this process we aim to provide ACT athletes opportunities to harness their love of triathlon and develop their swim, bike, and run skills through expert coaching and greater levels of competition.  Such a partnership has always been present in the system, but this consolidation of partnership will not only facilitate greater clarity within the pathway but will help drive triathlon forward in the ACT.

TACT thanks TA and TNSW for the opportunity to work hand in glove.” Guiding the pathway this season and beyond, Triathlon ACT and Triathlon NSW will commence recruitment for a replacement employee, following the recent departure of long serving TNSW staff member, Mike Delamotte. The role, part funded by both organisations and with the continued guidance and support of Triathlon Australia to ensure alignment with our national pathway will continue to build on the existing infrastructure, including the Billigence Pathway Championships Series which features seven draft legal club delivered races in NSW and one in the ACT. The Biligence Talent ID Academy is a critical vehicle for ‘Talent Transfer’, participation at the Academy Games, and one day skill development clinics.

The role will also work to enhance and foster a strong community of practice amongst pathway coaches, remaining fully aligned to Triathlon Australia’s HP vision including knowledge sharing, professional development, and growth opportunities for all.

Expressions of Interest for the Emerging Talent and U23 Squad are now open. Click here to apply

Read the 2021/22 Development Pathway Guidelines & Parent/Athlete Info here.

The selection policy and appeals policy for season 2021/2022 can be found here.



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