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From the CEO: Adam Wicks re COVID19

From the CEO: Adam Wicks re COVID19

Dear Valued Triathlon NSW Member,

I write this open letter to you all, our valued members of Triathlon NSW, in response to the COVID- 19 crisis.

The landscape in relation to this virus is constantly evolving, to the extent that information received today may be different tomorrow. I also note that this situation is unforeseen, and it calls for unprecedented and innovative solutions to minimise its impact.  

Together, the next few months will be incredibly tough for all Australians, and the sport of triathlon will be no exception. Each of our 5,700 members will be impacted, as will our 59 clubs and their dedicated volunteers, in addition to our commercial race directors and their staff, who rely on our sport for their livelihood.

Over the coming months club committees and commercial race directors will be addressing the challenge of delivering events without jeopardising competitor safety. As triathletes we will need to accept that this may involve conforming with new control measures in a different race environment. It may involve the requirement to train alone, or indoors. Or it may involve simply accepting that some events and club activities have to be postponed or cancelled.

For commercial race directors, the next few months will probably be the toughest time in their history. They will have to make incredibly tough decisions, balancing up community expectation and following directives from the State and Federal Government, with their obligation to deliver safe events.

With this in mind, I encourage you to exercise tolerance and acceptance in your dealings with your club’s committee and our commercial race directors. Please remember that our common aim is to ensure that our events provide a safe and inclusive environment for all stakeholders.

I understand that the community are seeking answers and guidance from Triathlon NSW and Triathlon Australia on this topic. I can confirm that at the time of this being posted (Tuesday 17th March at 1 pm), that the Triathlon Australia Board are scheduled to meet tonight, and more guidance and direction on the sport in the short term will be clear and clarified. This will be published tomorrow (Wednesday 18th March) and communicated via our clubs. 

Now, more than ever, is the time for the triathlon community to work together and support each other. Because that’s what Australians do…

Adam Wicks


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