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Hunters Hill Tri Club brings together all walks of life



Hunters Hill Tri Club brings together all walks of life

Triathlon NSW feels so encouraged by the efforts of our members and prospective members in bringing this life changing sport to their communities through our clubs. In the last year, we've had FIVE new clubs join the Triathlon NSW family and they are already making significant progress, each with different goals.

One of our recent additions has been the Sydney lower north shore-based Hunters Hill Tri Club. We received some insight from Club President, Julie Driscoll, about what the club means to her and its diverse range of members, as well as what she hopes the club can achieve.


What do you love about triathlon?

One of the many amazing things about triathlon is how an individual sport can somehow also feel like a team sport. While being very competitive, everyone from the athletes and supporters, to the volunteers and organisers work hard to create a supportive and encouraging atmosphere. I guess the gruelling nature of the sport connects people… like having some kind of shared trauma!


 As a club just starting out, you seem to have quite a diverse group of people who have joined. Talk us through some of these members and why this is important to the club.

Our founding members come from all walks of life and include an ex-professional triathlete, an assistant principal, an ex-national gymnast, and a psychologist. While not all of us can boast about our sporting glory, we share a passion for something very special. Our club was born with a view to help others find a community that values both physical and mental health. In light of that, we understand the importance of being able to juggle life’s responsibilities. We believe that with hard work there must also be pleasure.

Whether you’re just starting out, getting back into training, or looking for like-minded people to help push you towards your goals, we welcome you. We are hoping to provide training sessions and social catch ups that help our members feel connected and part of a team.


You also have some kids members as part of your crew. Talk to us about these little legends!

We do have some inspirational HHTC kids members who demonstrate amazing guts and determination. We are hoping to grow our HHTC kids community to encourage kids to be strong and healthy and get the whole family involved. We believe that triathlon helps kids value hard work and develops a great sense of camaraderie and resilience within a fun environment.

Will we be seeing the Hunters Hill Tri Club flag flying at Club Champs this year?!

HHTC’s inaugural committee is hoping to bring our little HHTC family to the TriNSW Club Championships for our debut appearance this year. What we lack in numbers we make up for in enthusiasm!

How can people find out more about the club and what you offer?

Check out our website www.hhtc.org.au. If you have any questions about us, our club, or training shoot us an email info@hhtc.org.au and one of our friendly committee members will happily help you out.




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