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LAPD and BRAT Club Host Successful Women's Events

The final Triathlon NSW 'Finish Lines not Finish Times' events were hosted by LAPD Tri Club and Bondi Running & Triathlon (BRAT) Club over the past month, with great attendance and fantastic feedback from participants.

It was the BRAT Club's second women's only triathlon, having also received funding from our first round of funding at the end of 2020. This time, the club also organised a pre-race Women's Ride at Centennial Park, a great way for first-timers to get to know each other and experience an easy club training session.

Elina Michailiou from BRAT Club was excited at the turnout from the May 30th event, and extends a welcome for the participants to stay in touch with the club going forward. 

"We had a lovely day at the race despite the chilly weather and were happy to see women from other clubs joining as well," said Elina. "We also had a few ladies racing who are looking to join triathlon clubs for the first time, so hopefully the race vibe will encourage them to do so."

May be an image of 3 people and people standing 

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On the other side of Sydney, LAPD Tri Club hosted their first women's duathlon at Lansdowne Park, following a successful club training program. President Ben Hill has kindly provided a report of the day:

With a chilly morning warming into a sunny day and the remnants of the early morning bike race dissipating the LAPD Women’s Duathlon got underway. Race numbers pinned on and legs warmed up the participants toed the start line (more like stood a respectful distance from the line), ready to take on the 2km off-road run that starts the event. After a fairly casual pace to start the bunch started to string out as the more experienced runners let their legs loosen up. At the close of the first run it appeared that many of the girls had been happy to pace off each other or to have company the whole run. Next it was the 10 km bike leg, participants could use any type of bike, and there were all sorts in action, from the full TT rig to regular roadies to knobbly tyred mountain bikes, quite impressively the fastest ride for the day was on a gravel grinder. With spectators cheering all the riders on it was 5 laps of the bike track (no penalty for doing 6) and then rack the bike and on to run 2. Some competitors managed to get their pacing right, some negative split the runs so could have gone harder at the start, others felt it on the final run but can be proud they stuck it out to finish.

Despite being a tough little course everyone appeared to be smiling at the end of it (more so after they had finished than while running), it was also great to see how much encouragement everyone was giving each other. Well done to all the participants and thanks to the volunteers who helped everything run so smoothly.