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Low Cost, Beginner Friendly and prizes up for grabs - New Eastern Suburbs Triathlon Series has it all

Low Cost, Beginner Friendly and prizes up for grabs - New Eastern Suburbs Triathlon Series has it all


It’s the common reasons we hear around coffee shops and in feedback of what people think about the sport of triathlon:

  • The sport is way too expensive!
  • Triathlon requires a bike that’s more expensive than a car!
  • I’m nervous about swimming in the ocean.

It was these common misconceptions about the sport of triathlon that led Rob, Jeremy and the brains trust at Bondi Running and Triathlon (BRAT Triathlon Club) to create and launch the Eastern Triathlon Series!!

A pool swim (alleviating those concerns about marine objects!), a cheap and local low cost series of events delivered by local volunteers who are focused on the love of the sport rather than profit. 

And they don’t care what bike you race on as long as the helmet is safe and secure!

BRAT Tri Club races are delivered with love. With great cranking music, a free BBQ and smiles all around, the event is delivered by volunteers who receive nothing in return except warm fuzzies.

The Eastern Triathlon Series is managed by The BRAT Club, Sydney's old triathlon club established in 1985 who are proudly ‘Not for Profit’. all entry fees go into making the race bigger and better for you.

For those who are new to the sport, they offer a range of distances. Sprint, Enticer and Kids distance races (with no time limit), ensure everyone feels involved. Beginners start together and receive help setting up in transition plus pre-race tips and tricks.

Sprint: 700m swim, 20km bike, 5km run.
Enticer: 700m swim, 20km bike, 5km run
Kids: 100m swim, 4km bike, 1km run

The club also has lots of volunteers on hand to assist you (or your child’s) first first race a walk in the park, only quicker.

The Eastern Suburbs features 6 wonderful clubs, but with a huge population in the area, heaps of schools and statistically over 1,000 people doing commercial events on One Day Licenses each season, there is still plenty of opportunity to draw those ‘ODL’s into annual membership. And even if you aren’t from Sydney’s East, you are more than welcome!

Rob Parton, BRAT Race Director was happy to provide his insights into what the new concept was all about.

‘We're really excited to bring fun, low-cost and competitive racing to our doorstep here in Sydney where all are welcome. We want the Series to be a place where beginners can feel safe and supported but also something that the more experienced athletes from all clubs aspire to win. We look forward to seeing some speedy racers ripping through Heffron Park and hope to see you there too’

For those who are chasing some extra cash and consider themselves pretty hand triathletes, there is also $800 in prize money up for grabs (for 1st - 5th place) plus plenty of sponsored prizes, anyone can win.

The races use a professional timing system means lap times, live tracking and instant results for you and your crew. This makes the Eastern Triathlon Series the ideal environment for you to prepare for your goal event, whether that’s a Half or Full IM, Elite Energy Event or something else!

If you’ve never made the effort to get there, we encourage you to put a date (or four) into your calendar and experience the great atmosphere that encourages first timers to Kona qualifiers.

The first event is fast approaching and schedule for Sunday November 20th.

All are welcome in the Series.

For more information: http://www.easterntriathlonseries.com.au/


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