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New health advice for triathlon for next six weeks

On Monday afternoon, the NSW Government’s Chief Medical Officer and the Department of Health issued further recommendations relating to community sport. The Chief Health Officer has provided all sports in NSW continued assurance they remain committed to local community sport. It was great to hear that their advice was to take a pragmatic, common sense and individualised approach to the local implementation of the high-level recommendations outlined by the Department of Health.

Triathlon NSW has taken Monday’s announcement and tailored some suggested recommendations that we hope achieve our shared goal - reducing community transmission of the infection, but at the same time, allows community sport to continue to operate.

Since the start the pandemic, it has always been our goal to find the delicate balance between continuing the sport to operate (where possible) and working with the NSW Government to try to contain COVID-19 and minimise the risk of transmission.

Whilst adherence to these recommendations might be difficult, I stress that the Department of Health have indicated their strongest desire for this restriction to only exist for the next 6 weeks, and I acknowledge the work that our club committees and their athletes have played in contributing to following guidelines and implementing the COVID Safety Plans developed.

Lastly, whilst a lot remains unknown at the moment across so many industries, now more than ever I encourage you to focus on the positives. This does not mean the sport is shutting down. It just means we will have to stay local for a while.

For those who are currently engaged with their local club, and attend their local races, please continue to do so. For those who thrive on larger commercial events, there has never been a better time to reconnect with your local club, support their small and cost-effective events and re-find your local community.

CLICK HERE for the NSW Government Office of Sport FAQ


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