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Member Spotlight: Casey Brown & Emma Jeffcoat

Role models are important in every avenue in life, and sport is no exception.

In NSW, we’re incredibly lucky to have some impeccable role models for not only our juniors, but our community at large.

Emma Jeffcoat is a shining example of the kind of role model that this sport (and the world) needs, and she’s generously shared her experiences with our TNSW community on more than one occasion of late. From Q&As with Pathway athletes & evenings with TNSW & TACT Coaches, to speaking her truth and continuing the conversations around the langue used when discussing athletes and their bodies.

Triathlon NSW caught up with Warringah Triathlon Club member Casey Brown to discuss his triathlon journey as well as an afternoon spent with Emma discussing training, racing and life away from the sport.

TNSW: How did you get involved with Triathlon and the Warringah Triathlon Club?

CB: I came up as a runner and I did lots of surf lifesaving as well. My Dad had done a lot of triathlons and he thought I would be quite good at it. After I had done a couple of triathlons and got my road bike, we looked at joining Warringah Triathlon Club - we had heard great things and wanted to do more races.

TNSW: What does your usual training schedule look like?

CB: I normally get 9-10km of swimming, 40km of running and 70km of cycling in every week. Tuesday, I do a fairly easy 8km run. Wednesday, I swim in the morning from 5am-7am and do my track session in the afternoon. Thursday, I ride and do hills at Long Reef Golf Course. Friday, I swim 5am-7am. Saturday, I ride, do an 8km run and on Sunday I do a running session at Tania Park.

TNSW: What’s your favourite thing about triathlon?

CB: My favourite thing about triathlon is the variety. It allows for lots of strategy and in my opinion, is extremely fun. I would much rather do a triathlon than a 5km track race.

TNSW: What are you most excited about for the upcoming season?

CB: I’m so excited just to race again - travel around the state, as I haven’t raced in so long. I am excited for All Schools Triathlon especially, because I feel have improved so much and am hoping to make the nationals team.

TNSW: How did your catch-up with Emma come about?

CB: Like me, Emma started at Warringah Triathlon Club. The Club asked if she would speak with me, and she kindly said yes. 

CB: Emma and I spent over an hour discussing how she started, her training, big races and the opportunities that opened up for her. We talked about the Olympics, her favourite experiences and told her about me and how I’m going [with triathlon].

TNSW: What was your key takeaway from your time with Emma?

My key takeaway from the chat with Emma was to hold onto my love for the sport at this age - not to be too serious and to enjoy doing other things on top of triathlon. To keep up my social life and really focus on school because if I focus too much on triathlon, I may burn out or lose my love for the sport.


A special thanks to Casey Brown for taking part in the Q&A and Emma Jeffcoat for continuously sharing her time with TNSW athletes, coaches & wider community.


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