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Update from the Triathlon NSW Board

The Triathlon NSW Board wishes to advise our clubs and membership of some changes to the board and an update to the TNSW Auditor.

Board Report

In February 2022 Triathlon NSW proudly advised of the reappointment of Glenn Schwarzel (Macarthur Triathlon Club) as the Triathlon NSW President for 2022.  He was joined by Dean Morrison (Tomaree Triathlon Club) as Vice President, while Mick Maroney (Cronulla Triathlon Club) resigned from the TNSW Board due to personal and family commitments. 

As per the TNSW Constitution, the Triathlon NSW Board is required to maintain a minimum of six Elected Directors.  The recent resignation of Mick Maroney has created a Casual Vacancy and as such, the TNSW Board has acted to appoint a new Director to fill said vacancy. The new Director will hold office for the balance of the term of the Director who has vacated the Board - in this case, that term will expire at the next TNSW AGM in November 2022. 

The TNSW Board have asked Lucy Burgmann (Balance Triathlon Club) to fill the Casual Vacancy - Lucy previously sat on the Board from 2014 to 2020, and held the position of President for 2 years during that time.

A highly accomplished senior executive and board director with a PhD in politics and philosophy, Dr Lucy Burgmann brings extensive experience across the public, private and not for profit sectors to Triathlon NSW. 

Lucy’s expertise includes leading strategic and scenario planning, developing practical methods to involve Triathlon NSW members and stakeholders in decision making, and adapting service delivery in volatile operating environments. She combines her work in consulting and strategic planning with her genuine passion for helping organisations make informed decisions.

Through her Board Directorship roles and Senior Executive career, she has developed a detailed understanding of the importance of the role of a board vs the operational delivery of paid employees.

Auditor Update

At the November 2021 AGM the Voting Delegates wee advised by President Glenn Schwarzel that tragically, Greg Thompson of Thompsons Australia had passed away only a few days before the AGM. However, Greg had completed the Independent Auditors Report for the financial year ended 30 June 2021.

The Voting Delegates had previously appointed Thompson Australia as the TNSW Auditor for a 3 year term which would have ordinarily ceased at the completion of the financial year ending 30 June, 2022. At the time of the AGM the future of Thompsons Australia was unknown, and it was determined that we would provide an update once further information was available.

We're now in a position to advise that MoonCunningham has taken over the business of Thompsons Australia, and will subsequently be providing TNSW with audit services for the financial year ending 30 June 2022 - this will complete the original 3 year agreement that TNSW held with Thompsons Australia. We have been advised that the staff that previously assisted in the conduct of the TNSW audit are now employed by MoonCunnigham and as such, the TNSW Board considers it prudent to continue with the services of MoonCunningham.

At the conclusion of the current financial year, TNSW will conduct a tender process with a view to seek Voting Delegate approval to appoint a new auditor for a 3 year term at the AGM of November 2022.


If anyone has any questions regarding any of points raised, please reach out to the TNSW CEO, Adam Wicks via adam.wicks@nsw.triathlon.org.au or 0438 648 117.


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