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Triathlon NSW selected to take part in ‘Sport NSW Gender Inclusive Boards Program’

The Triathlon NSW Board is proud to advise our selection in the ‘Sport NSW Gender Inclusive Boards Program’, scheduled to commence late May. The program will run through to November 2022.

This pilot program, funded by the NSW Office of Sport as part of the Her Sport Her Way Year 3 Action Plan, aims to support Triathlon NSW (and other SSO’s) to increase gender diversity on boards and in leadership roles.

Triathlon NSW will be represented by President Glenn Schwarzel, Triathlon NSW Board Member Deanna Waters and CEO Adam Wicks.

Gender inclusive boards affords many benefits including increased diversity of thinking and problem solving, the ability to reflect the wider community and sports participation base, and better decision making.

Whilst the current makeup of the TNSW Board includes a wealth of quality females, this has not always been the case. The facilitated workshops will lead Triathlon NSW through a series of strategic conversations that will enable the development of a proactive, sustainable and organisation specific plan to increase gender diversity on the board and senior leadership team into the future. 

The Workshop Program will address four key themes:

  1. Constitutional and board reform
  2. Strategic interventions that can lead to change
  3. The value of setting targets
  4. The impact on organisational culture

The overall objectives of the program are:

  • Increase the capacity and capabilities of SSOs / SSODs through establishing practices that enable gender diversity on boards and in senior leadership teams;
  • Understand the barriers to, and enablers for gender inclusive boards, and
  • Understand the attributes of individuals likely to bring greater diversity to boards and senior leadership roles.

The participation of the Triathlon NSW Board in this program is just another example of the boards ongoing commitment to gender equity in the sport of triathlon in NSW.

In 2020, Triathlon NSW applied for and were successful in working collaboratively with TNSW Clubs to deliver ‘Finish Lines…Not Finish Times’ events.

Following the huge success, the board make the additional commitment to run a second round of events in the second half of season 2020/2021 before being successful with a second application and rolling the program out to a record 22 clubs this season, with a mixture of both Sydney based and regional clubs taking part.

On International Women's Day, Triathlon NSW then launched the ‘Inspire2Tri’ program. This program is designed to mentor and guide foundation and development female coaches through the pathway, profile their journey and celebrate the superb female role models the sport has!

More info to come as the board progresses with this program!

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