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TRIMOB bringing 'Deadliness' to the TNSW Club Champs.



TRIMOB bringing 'Deadliness' to the TNSW Club Champs.

This weekend, at the TNSW Club Champs held in Forster on Worimi Burray (Lands), a small but committed Mob will be in attendance, representing their affiliated Club TRIMOB.

TRIMOB is one of Triathlon Australia’s newest clubs but represents the oldest living culture in existence. It is a unique national club that focuses on celebrating and promoting the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and their cultures. Despite having members across the width and breadth of Australia, the club is led by the founder Nat Heath, who has his roots in NSW and grew up in Forster. He shared with us his excitement about the weekend:

"I am super pumped to be back in my hometown to race. Last year I came up here and was the only TRIMOB representative and this year we will have 10 people reppin the mob.

"Super proud of what we are achieving and really excited to bring our IRONMOBBERS into their first camp. It's even more special as it's the heartland of Australian triathlon.

"Additionally we will be going to Forster High to speak at their whole of school Reconciliation week assembly and running an educational session with the local Koori students. It's important wherever we go we give back to the local community."


TRIMOB has three simple goals but each one is so vital and important;

  • Empower First Nations people to have control over their overall health including their social and emotional wellbeing
  • Increase the participation and retention of First Nations people participating in triathlon and endurance sports
  • Increase and support more Australians connecting, celebrating, appreciating and learning from and about Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander peoples and their cultures

For Nat and the TRIMOB, it’s about proudly representing culture and sending a clear message to First Nations people from all over the country that the sport of triathlon is a sporting option for all.



Their participation this weekend is the first step in their IRONMOB Project.   

The IRONMOB project aims to train up 7 First Nations People to take on the most gruelling single-day endurance event: the IRONMAN triathlon. The TNSW Club Champs is the first time the club members have come together to race as a club. It’s the first step in their journey to complete this monumental task. Currently, only 10 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have completed an IRONMAN triathlon. The goal is to nearly double that in 12 months and have 250 First Nations people do their first triathlon event.

Nat is a dedicated triathlete who continues to give back to the community. Whether this is through supporting local artists or seeking opportunities to promote the sport, he is determined to spread the love of triathlon and promote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures.

Keep an eye out for TRIMOB this weekend, as their athletes will be cutting around the Club Champs course in their unique apparel. This apparel has been designed by Emma Stubbs, a gifted Aboriginal Artist based out at Mparntwe (Alice Springs) which is open for all to purchase and wear. 

TRIMOB Group Photo


"We see ourselves as ambassadors of goodness whilst bringing deadliness to triathlon" said TRIMOB founder, Nat Heath.


If you are interested in learning more, you can follow TRIMOB via the links below:

Instagram: tri_mob
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/238279471321649
Website: trimob.org

To get in contact with Nat from TRIMOB to learn more his email is: nat.heath@trimob.org


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