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The other side of the fence: Fasong Kim


We often say that triathlon provides pathways, but what we sometimes forget, is that you can pursue pathways not just as an athlete in our sport. Balance Tri Club’s Fasong Kim is relatively new to triathlon, but in a short space of time has grabbed many opportunities on both the competing and officiating sides of the fence.

We had a chat to Fasong to learn a bit about her background and how she fell into the important and dynamic role of technical official, leading her to experience and enjoy the sport from different perspectives.

We hope Fasong’s story will inspire you to explore the opportunities and pathways in triathlon, as an athlete and beyond.

Fasong Kim.

  1. Talk us through your background and how you got involved in triathlon and in particular, officiating.

I haven't been involved in triathlon for very long. I came from a running background and started swimming one day as a way of cross-training and recovery, until I realised all I needed to do was get a bike and I could give triathlon a go. So I walked into a local bike shop and bought the cheapest bike they had in my size and had to work out how to ride it! Officiating was not on my mind at all until I started struggling on and off with injuries during the latter half of 2022. I wanted to find different ways of still participating in events where I couldn't compete and I remember seeing a last minute post about a TO training day and it all fell into place for me from there.


  1. What does triathlon mean to you?

Triathlon to me is all about community and camaraderie. For a sport that is (for the most part) individual, there is so much 'team' support and encouragement. I don't know any other sport quite like it, where people of all walks of life, no matter their age, experience, or aspirations come together to have fun, compete and be better than they were yesterday.


  1. What have you seen to be the benefits of being a triathlon technical official?

There are a few perks; all of the skills and (ongoing) education and mentoring you receive are free, plus there are membership and other discounts. Depending on your aspirations, you can be selected to officiate at world-class events such as the Commonwealth Games. It is also an excellent alternative if you are injured or not able to compete for whatever reason but still want to stay involved. And of course, just being amongst the action and watching people give it their all is truly inspiring and motivating. 


  1. Describe some of the roles you have fulfilled on race day.

The roles so far have mostly revolved around transition, which includes everything from bike check before the start to mount lines during the race. I love the fact that you're not necessarily limited to any one role as a TO and depending on the event, oftentimes you can rotate and take turns at different posts as needed, so there is always variety. But probably the most rewarding role for me as a TO so far has been cheering on the kids’ triathlon and encouraging them to have fun, first and foremost.


  1. What would you say to people in the triathlon community who may want to become a technical official.

You don't need any special skills to get started, just enthusiasm! If you've been thinking about it, there's really nothing to lose. Whether you are new to the sport or a seasoned athlete, it's a great way to get involved and give back to the sport.


  1. Any other information/stories you would like to highlight.

The start of 2023 threw a massive curveball for my racing year, so I'm glad to have had the option to officiate where I can, and am looking forward to Ironman Port Macquarie and Club Champs in May to close out the season. 



When: Saturday 6th May (3pm-5pm)
Where: Westport Club, Port Macquarie
RSVP & Contact: sue.horsburgh@nsw.triathlon.org.au

NOTE: The online component (modules 1-9) are to be completed in your own time BEFORE attending a face-to-face (module 10) course.

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