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Triathlon NSW Member sessions - 'Inspire, engage, develop - for every triathlete at every level'

Triathlon NSW is proud to launch a series of 'virtual' seminars designed to keep us all engaged during this unprecedented and incredibly difficult time..

As a community, we remain linked by our shared enjoyment of all things 'swim, bike, run'. So we are excited to offer a variety of sessions designed to 'inspire, engage and develop' triathletes at any level. 

All sessions will be offered free of charge to season 2021/2022 annual members, with the exception of the 'Staying Strong during lockdown' session.

We want to extend this to all current and previous members, and throw this open to our extended community, family, friends and partners.


Session 6 – ‘Ironmind Performance Webinar - The Self-Aware Long Course Athlete.'

 Grant Giles IED session

Special Guest: Grant Giles
Thursday 14th October
 7.00 pm


We know racing opportunities for ‘Long Course’ triathletes has been few and far between in NSW. So this seminar is for you! Long course athletes recognise that to understand the true rigors of long course triathlon performance we must first understand ourselves. In this webinar Grant will take a look at the deeper meaning of mental strength and toughness, what does it mean to hang tough?  Is it a thought, a perception, or an experience?

More specifically, this session will include:

  • Challenging the paradigm of belief.
  • Breaking long course down.
  • The power of acceptance and non-resistance.
  • Dealing with doubt and fear.
  • Grounding for optimal performance.
  • Past and future, what is wrong with it?
  • The power of moving towards our pain points.
  • Where focus goes, energy flows.
  • The power of now.

Grant has vast experience in sport as an athlete, as an elite coach and in the psychology of sports performance. Grant has focused his energy into sports-based psychology, specifically focusing on anchoring the athlete to the process by defragging the mind-based illusions of past and future, and the mental stumbling blocks they create called doubt and fear.  As a former professional long course triathlete, and a perennial top 5 to top 10 finisher across a 10 year pro racing range. Grant retired from Professional triathlon in 2003.

Grant has been a triathlon coach for 24 years through his coaching company Aeromax Coaching Pty Ltd. The squad spawned and developed many of the current top flight Australian professional names like- Tim Berkel, Tim Reed, Clayton Fettell, Mitch Robins, Nicole Ward, Rebecca Hoschke, Christie Sym  and through the Lennox Head based squad Grant also worked with athletes like Peter Robinson, Brad Kahlefeldt on their transfer to long course triathlon and many others through the years 2008-2015. Grant has been an avid student of self-development and psychology-based methods for well over 13 years and now works with a range of athletes and sports as well as individuals seeking therapy. 

As a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Strategic Psychotherapist (Australian Institute of Applied Psychology), Triathlon Australia High Performance Coach, Level-3 (Triathlon Australia) and holds an Enneagram level 2, (Australian Enneagram Academy) he makes the ideal guest speaker for ‘Long Course’ triathletes.



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