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Update on the 2024 Triathlon NSW Club Champs

An update on the 2024 Triathlon NSW Club Champs

Over the past few months, it's been fantastic to reach out to many clubs and chat with lead committee members and ensure the community have been well consulted regarding future plans for the 2024 Triathlon NSW Club Champs.

What we’ve heard is that resoundingly, the TNSW Club Championships remains a focal point for clubs and their seasons. The idea of our community coming together to race remains incredibly relevant and loved. In fact, as the world changes, it’s possibly even more relevant now than ever.

Over 300 of you completed the 2023 post event survey in May this year, providing us your open and honest feedback. We thank each of you who took the time to do this.

All feedback has been read, digested and we are pleased to after assessing all options and feedback, the 2024 TNSW Club Champs will be held in Forster, NSW on Saturday 25th May with a review based on feedback for following years.

To provide context into the survey results, you told us:

  • 88.97% of those who attended in 2023 rated the event as overall being ‘Good’ or ‘Excellent.’
  • 96.02% of you told us the swim course was ‘Good’ or ‘Excellent’,
  • 87.56% of you rated the run and cycle course as ‘Good’ or ‘Excellent’. 
  • 83.56% of you rated the cycle course as ‘Good’ or ‘Excellent’. 

Whilst generally very pleasing survey results, the overarching trends and areas identified by both TNSW and H Events that need further attention in 2024 include:

  1. 2024 will see a more detailed online video race briefing published before the event.  

  2. We’ll explore different wave start times and the timing of the event, ensuring this information is communicated clearly to all athletes via the pre-event briefing, website and social media. This includes exploring a later start time on the Saturday morning (pending police and council approval) noting the delicate balance of event delivery vs keeping the local community on side.

  3. A significant focus will be on improving signage around transition assisting athletes with the flow and movement around the event site. Racks will be numbered and further signage on the beach to assist with swim course. We’ll add a ‘Walk Through’ of transition on Friday night, to ensure everyone who is nervous, a first timer or just want that extra guidance, receive it.

  4. Thoughts have been put into how transition can be expanded to create more rooms to allow the athletes more space and accommodate a growth of bikes.

  5. As we do after every event, we’ll review the bike course and the run courses. Positively, the feedback has significantly improved based on the survey results in comparison to previous iterations of the event, but we’ll always work with local authorities to improve it further and address any concerns athletes had.

Regarding a date for the 2024 event, the survey results showed the community is divided on the best time of year.

56% of respondents advised they want the event in May, with 44% preferring an earlier time of year. It’s clear that whichever decision we make, we can’t keep all members of the community pleased.

However, further discussion and consultation occurred with presidents of clubs and based on that advice we’ve decided to proceed with Saturday 25th May 2024 with a review based on feedback for following years.

We felt this location is ideally located, close enough to Sydney to allow our members to travel for a weekend away and allows our North Coast members to also travel. May allows for clubs to promote the ‘end of season’ party and means our wonderful long course athletes could also consider attending.

We look forward to welcoming all our wonderful members, clubs, volunteers for another superb event in 2024!



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