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Why you should join your local tri club!

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Ever thought about joining a club? Here's why you should!

 If you are reading this story, there is a chance that you have followed Triathlon NSW on social media or are checking out our website. Perhaps your training buddy have tagged you in a post and you’ve clicked on this link?

Perhaps it means you’ve unknowingly made the step from ‘doing a triathlon’ to ‘being a triathlete’.

It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly when this happened – maybe it was when you completed your first ‘Finish Lines…Not Finish Time’ event, or recently took part in a ‘Tri a Try’ program.

The signs are all there. You’ve now entered your next event, are having a look a second-hand bikes on FB marketplace or said no to a night out with friends because you have to train tomorrow.

And more than ever, you are using the phrase ‘the early bird gets the worm’.

Chances are you are now buying a 20 visit pass to your local swimming pool, cycling to Park runs so you can make the most of your Saturday morning and looking at what events you can race at your next exotic location.

The more events you go to, the more you’ll notice people all wearing the same kit while laughing together, hugging before and after the event, cheering for each other and sitting around in groups having coffees, post-race drinks and just generally having an awesome time.

Some of those athletes in kits will be slower than you, some of them are faster than you despite looking like they should be slower, and some of them are much, much faster than you.

These, of course, are Triathlon NSW Members in their clubs and club kits.  Individual athletes who have decided to join like-minded people to do the same races and take train together. They are little communities of triathletes who enrich the environment, and frankly, you should be a part of.

With 60 clubs around NSW, and heaps of different cultures and offerings, we thought we’d put down the top 10 reasons why joining a Triathlon NSW Club might be the best thing you did since you realised you don’t have to bother with those little washers that come with inner tubes.

01 You will meet people who will push you out of your comfort zone.

If you join a club, before you know it you’ll have entered some event or challenge (often as a team) who thinks it’s normal behaviour to cycle 300 kms, before running in double marathons, having a coffee and simply cycling home after it. Either that or you’ll have signed up to do the club’s annual overseas triathlon race with 20 others.

When you join a club, you’ll end up doing things you’d never even contemplate doing on your own and you’ll love it. Because you’ve got friends around you who are also doing it.

02 Never ending source of free advice.

The moment you join a club and start attending sessions and races, you’ll have free advice fired at you faster than a St George Dragons Head Coach loses their job. Some advice will be very useful, some of it worthless but generally, your new club members will fall over themselves to pass on advice to you, mostly because it makes them look experienced.

03 It will boost your confidence.

There is a certain confidence you gain by riding, running and swimming in a pack of likeminded individuals. Everyone at the club will have the same level of insurance (just in case) and you’ll gain confidence by riding, swimming and running in a group with others as opposed to doing it all on your own.

04 You’ll eat food you’ve never eaten before

Linking up to people who focus on a healthy lifestyle will provide lots of ideas and advice on what you should or should not be eating. You’ll soon be an expert and fully aware that absolutely everything you eat has an impact on your performance, and that moderation (particularly around alcohol) is the key to life.

05 You will gain insights into gadgets you now suddenly must purchase.

Prior to joining a NSW Triathlon Club, you had no idea what was out in the market, what worked and what didn’t. But now, because you’ve spoken to your teammates, you’ve seen their gadgets in action, you know what you need to invest in and what is probably not required.

06 You will master the art of showing off

From your Triathlon NSW club mates is where you’ll learn the tricks of the trade to make you sound like the champion you might not necessarily be.

Personal Bests, Race PB’s, Season PB’s, Course PB’s, age-group PBs.

The ways you can improve your results are almost endless and, again, tri clubs are where you’ll learn how to do it without sounding like you’re doing it, even though everyone knows you’re doing it. There’s no training manual for this vital skill. Just join a club, and watch, learn and admire their work.

07 You get to wear club kit

A huge benefit of joining a club is the access to the awesome club kit, which makes you look a little bit more like you know what your doing. They’re also a great way of identifying who you should be giving the loudest cheer to when you are out and about at events!

Occasionally club kit will be ‘in need of an update’ which will result in a long-drawn-out internal discussion (mainly over coffee) with various topics requiring discussion including kit supplier, kit items, size of order, price and most importantly design. And Tri Club members wouldn’t want it any other way!

But in general, you’ll look and feel awesome and part of something bigger then just a solo effort.

08 Club Social Activities.

Possibly the highlight of any club year the various ‘non triathlon’ get togethers where members young and old, injured and in the peak of their ‘careers’ gather for quality food, quality times and quality experiences. One North Coast Club considers their club 10 pin bowling trips as the real competition when they travel for events!

09 Triathlon NSW Club Champs

It’s an event like no other. Because there is literally nothing else in NSW, Australia or the world then the annual Triathlon NSW Club Champs.

It’s like an exclusive Nightclub full of attractive people, where you name must be ‘on the door’ to get in. And by ‘on the door’, we mean you must have purchased an annual Standard TA / TNSW / Club Membership to even get your name on the start list. There is nothing in NSW that screams ‘CLUBS’ more then the TNSW Club Champs. You don’t race for your own personal glory, but for points (performance and points). And did we mention the huge afterparty with dancing, partying, and just general merriment with your club mates? It’s the ultimate ‘club’ activity and that’s why nearly 1,000 athletes come back year after year to take part.

10 You’ll make lifelong friends

After a while of being actively involved in your Triathlon Club, you’ll soon realise that this people are just club mates, but lifelong friends. The friendships you’ll make are built on shared experiences and taking part in something that most of the rest of the population would never consider or think was possible. Training for and completing triathlons.

So there you have it. The top 10 reasons for you to explore your local club and consider joining in season 2023/2024.

This is probably the best time to let you know that we are on sale for season 2023/2024 memberships from the 1st July.

To find your nearest club: Find a Club (triathlon.org.au)

Info about membership: Triathlon Australia Membership


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