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About the Awards

Each year we witness outstanding performances from individuals within our sport, whether that be age groupers, elite athletes, or the rising stars of our junior development programs. Each year our sport benefits from exceptional contributions made by volunteers, officials, coaches, event organisers, and others individuals in many ways.

It is these performances and contributions that make Triathlon in Australia what it is today and allow the sport to continue to prosper.

Here at Triathlon Australia we feel strongly that the individuals who are responsible for the success and growth of our sport are recognised and honoured appropriately, and this is why we have developed our National Awards and Recognition Framework.

The following awards are presented at the annual Celebration of Champions dinner.

Award and Recognition Categories

Elite athlete awards


Coaching Awards

The Elite Athlete awards include the:

In recognition of Australian triathlon coaches who have demonstrated a commitment and dedication to coaching Australian triathletes.

Technical Official Awards


Service to the Sport award


In honour of those individuals who have made a significant contribution to the sport, irrespective of duration, that will have positively promoted multisports.

Legend of the Sport Award


Life Members

In recognition of athletes who have not only distinguished themselves at a high level of sporting performance with achievements considered superior to the majority of their peers, and who have made a greater impact on the sport of triathlon in Australia and around the world by inspiration or example to others.


Those individuals who have rendered distinguished and special services to our sport.



The Champions



Australia has seen a lot of success on the triathlon circuit, take a look at our champions.



The evening includes the induction of new members into the Triathlon Australia Hall of Fame

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Our National Awards and Recognition Framework is implemented, reviewed and maintained by the Triathlon Australia Awards Committee (Awards Committee) - a sub-committee of the Triathlon Australia Board.

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