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The Mov3 program is all about getting kids active! By using the Sport Australia Physical Literacy Framework, activities focus on developing fundamental motor skills that can be transferable to a range of sports.

These activities will differ between coaches and locations but will all include the key aspects that make Mov3 so unique! Participants will improve their balance and agility by jumping on two wheels and cycling around a designated course, while enhancing confidence in the water. Fun and engaging games that not only have physical benefits, but also focus on teamwork and social skills, will be incorporated.

Throughout the program, cognitive concepts will be addressed when explaining the drills and our coaches are always open to answering any questions for anyone who wants to learn – including parents! We hope offering this program assists in helping children form lifelong habits of healthy movements and a love for sport. 

Please email us here to arrange your family discount code of 30% (for families who register two or more participants) and for a 15% discount code for past participants. 

Check back soon for the next round of Mov3 Programs. 

All participants will need to bring their own bike and helmet.   


'Excellent coaching, fun, friendly environment. Good for beginners'

'My son enjoyed all aspects'

'Thanks for an enjoyable and professionally run program'

'Seeing my daughter improve and progress'

'Great program and great staff'

'Having fun with friends and being active. Getting to go on my bike'

'I hope they do it again soon. So fun' 


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