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Triathlon’s Future Operating Model

United to ensure triathlon and multisport thrive

Triathlon's Strategic Plan 2021-2025 unites our sport through a shared purpose, vision and behaviours, with a particular focus on unity, collaboration and inclusivity to ensure triathlon and multisport thrive nationally over the next four years and beyond.

Together, we can achieve greater results for the sport of triathlon with improved capability through an operating model that optimises success for triathlon in Australia.

Evolution of Triathlon's Operating Model

For more than a decade, triathlon has continually evolved its operational model to adapt to the changing sports landscape, to better service clubs and members.

Since 2015 triathlon has considered various alignment models and progressively worked towards a whole of sport approach, from sanctioning and membership models and systems, to shared national projects, services and behaviours.

In 2019 Triathlon Australia and STTAs agreed to work towards a more efficient and effective operating model for triathlon in Australia, across the three pillars of strategy, finance and workforce. 

Over the course of 2021, STTA Presidents endorsed the Future Operating Model proposal to progress towards an aligned workforce model. 
In 2021, five STTAs provided letters of intent to proceed to implementation of triathlon’s future operating model, a significant milestone.

With the support of Sport Australia, an Implementation Steering Committee was put in place with representatives from Triathlon Australia, Triathlon Queensland, Triathlon Victoria, Triathlon South Australia, Triathlon Tasmania and Triathlon Northern Territory to oversee implementation. Following the signing of Service Level Agreements, TA and the five STTAs have commenced operating under the new model.

Triathlon Western Australia, Triathlon New South Wales, and Triathlon ACT remain actively engaged with Triathlon Australia and STTAs, in conversations to ensure an optimal operating model for triathlon in Australia.

Triathlon’s Future Operating Model Project

Triathlon’s Future Operating Model (FOM) encompasses three key components; a whole of sport strategy, underpinned by an aligned workforce and financial management (one set of accounts) which will improve service consistency, efficiency and effectiveness.

This evolution of the sport's operating model presents a significant opportunity to address the barriers impacting triathlon’s ability to support the achievement of triathlon’s strategic goals and has been designed to strengthen and enhance the organisation's ability to deliver triathlon's strategy.

Through bringing the Triathlon Australia and STTA workforces together, triathlon resources are connected to ensure services, programs and initiatives are aligned nationally and delivered locally for members, clubs and community.


Triathlon Australia launch aligned workforce

Triathlon Australia and State and Territory Triathlon Associations United to Enhance Sport Delivery through Triathlon’s Future Operating Model


What is the aligned workforce?
The aligned model brings together the workforces of Triathlon Australia (TA) and five STTAs to operate under one organisation structure. The new operating model came into effect in July 2022 following the signing of Service Level Agreements between TA and five STTAs.

Do STTAs still exist in the new operating model?
Yes, while triathlon’s workforce will transition to form one organisational structure, STTA Boards remain in place and continue to play a key role in contributing to the development of the national strategic plan, representing the interest of local members and ensuring a thriving triathlon community in their state.

STTA constitutional arrangements will also remain in place – meaning clubs will continue to elect their STTA Board as the members of the STTA, and the STTAs will elect the Triathlon Australia Board, as the members of Triathlon Australia.

What will change under the new model?
In addition to Triathlon Australia offices, local offices and staff remain in Queensland, Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia, and the Northern Territory, with State Managers leading local service delivery while collaborating as part of the national team to achieve the best possible outcomes for triathlon in Australia.

As the new operating model is embedded and triathlon transitions to an aligned workforce, the way in which we operate will evolve and be streamlined, however triathlon will still offer the same national and local services for race directors, clubs, coaches, officials, members and participants across the country.

What does this mean for STTAs?
Triathlon Australia and all member organisations, including Triathlon NSW, Triathlon ACT, and Triathlon WA will continue to work together as a connected system, to deliver sport services across the country. Triathlon WA, NSW and ACT remain engaged with Triathlon Australia and are committed to the review and consideration of the operating model, and ensuring an optimal operating model for triathlon in Australia.

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