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TRYstars Kids Activities

TRYstars KIDS Activities

We know it can be a little challenging to come up with different ways to keep the kids occupied at home, so we would like to introduce you to a series of triathlon related activities for the kids to try at home. Think quizzes, fun games around the house and more. Have a look through the activities below to see what you fancy:

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TRYstars A-Z Flashcards Button
TRYstars At-Home Activity Pack - complete with 10 triathlon related games for the whole family to enjoy, as well as an activity tracker and a completion certificate. The question is - how much do you know about triathlon? Our TRYstars can test their knowledge of all things triathlon in the first edition of our online quiz!   Do you think you know the A - Z of triathlon? You can test your knowledge of a range of triathlon terms with the TRYstars A-Z of Triathlon Flashcards.
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Test your Knowledge
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trystars wordseach 1 button crossword button
 Are you feeling a little creative? Have a go at colouring in your very own triathlon race number bib. You can use pencils, markers, crayons...whatever you love the most!  Do you think you are a pro at word searches? Try your hand at the first TRYstars wordsearch and see how quickly you can find all of the triathlon related words! Put your triathlon knowledge to the test. See if you can fill in all of the tiles and complete your crossword today! Available in digital and print versions below.
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swim cap button jigsaw button quiz 2 button
Have a go at designing your very own swimming cap. You could add your name and your favourite number or even decorate it with stickers and other fun coloured paper. Print your own triathlon jigsaw puzzle at home! If you think it's too easy, you can even try timing yourself to see how fast you can complete it, and then try to beat your time. Did you crush the first edition of the TRYstars triathlon quiz? Put your triathlon knowledge to the test again by attempting the second edition of the online quiz today.
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wordsearch 2 button spot the difference 1 button maze #1 button
Did you nail the first TRYstars wordsearch? We are sure you did - so why not have another go with the second edition! Now this one will test your eye for you think you can spot the 5 differences on this swimmer?

Have a go at helping the swimmer find their way to the start of the triathlon event!

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Spot the different 2 button Finish Line Colouring Button spot the difference 3 button
 If you nailed the Spot the Difference #1, then give #2 a go. See if you can spot the differences between the two riders...hint: there are 5 things to spot! If you are feeling creative, this is a great activity to pass the time! Have a go at using any coloured pencils, markers or crayons you have at home to design your very own finish line.  If you nailed the Spot the Difference #1 and #2, then give this one ago. See if you can spot the 5 differences between the two runners!
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Colour It in Podium - button Athlete Profile Button Design Event Village button
 Are you feeling a bit creative? Have a go at colouring in and decorating your very own finishers podium! Create your own personal athlete profile. You may even like to interview your family and friends and create a profile for them as well. Try and have a go at designing your own triathlon event village! Make sure to add things like the finish line, transition areas and club tents.
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Maze #2 button Design Flag button Start Line Colour button
 Help the triathlete navigate the maze to make it safely to their transition area. What do you think the TRYstars flag should look like? Get your creative juices flowing and show us your best design. Show us your creativity by colouring and decorating your very own 'Start Line' banner. Just like one you would see at the start of your next event. 
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