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TAS State Series

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Important Note (18th October 2023) - The Standard Distance Triathlon State Championships (Devonport Triathlon) will be held on the 16th of March 2024. Please note this date has been updated from the original date of the 14th of April 2024.

The 2023/24 Tasmanian State Series, proudly sponsored by Armstrong’s Insurance, is a collection of four events spanning across stunning locations in Tasmania. The series provides the ultimate challenge for multisport participants, testing their all-around performance, versatility, and endurance across the season. 

Series Titles 

(Awarded to Male and Female in each age category)

TAS Duathlon Champion
TAS Sprint Triathlon Champion 
TAS Standard Triathlon Champion
TAS Long Distance Triathlon Champion
TAS State Series Champion

TAS Duathlon Championships
10 September 2023
Seven Mile Beach Duathlon
*Age Group – Standard Distance
*Junior - Sprint Distance
*Youth - Short Course
Event Organiser: Triathlon South
Contact: Peter Barrett 0427 701 710

TAS Sprint Championships 7 January 2024 
Bridport Triathlon 
* Age Group - Sprint Distance 
*Junior - Sprint Distance 
*Youth - Short Course Event Organiser: Launceston Triathlon Club
Contact: Sarah Springer 0417 528 120 

TAS Long Distance Championships
2 March 2024
Coles Bay Triathlon
* Age Group – Long Course Distance
12-14 years are welcome to participate in the Sprint Distance in a team. No State Series points will be awarded in the 12 -14 category for Race 3 of the State Championship Series
Event Organiser Atlas Events
Contact: Will Blackaby 0439 143 131 

TAS Standard Championships 
Date 16th March 2024 - Please note this has been updated from the original date of the 14th of April 2024.
Devonport Triathlon
Age Group - Standard Distance 
*Junior - Sprint Distance
*Youth - Short Course
Event Organiser: TRI Events Tasmania
Contact: Will Blackaby 0439 143 131 

Series Points 
Points are awarded to all eligible participants in the State Series who finish in the top 10 in their age category for Male and Female.  

Point Allocation: 

 Position  1st  2nd  3rd  4th  5th  6th 7th  8th   9th  10th
 Points  20  18  16  14  12  10  8  6  4  2

Events and Categories:

Standard Distance: 19-29 years, 10-year age groups up to 60+, Sprint Distance: 15-18 years, Short Course: 12-14 years.  

Sprint Triathlon
Sprint Distance: 15-18 years, 19-29 years, 10-year age groups up to 60+, Short Course: 12-14 years.  

Standard Triathlon
Standard Distance: 19-29 years, 10-year age groups up to 70+, Sprint Distance: 15-18 years, Short Course Distance: 12-14 years.  

Long Distance Triathlon
Long Distance: 19-29 years, 10-year age groups to 60+, Sprint Distance: 15-18 years, Short Course or Teams: 12-14 years.  

Premium or Standard Triathlon Australia Tasmanian members will be eligible to participate in the State Series events and earn points throughout the season. Points will be awarded to the top ten finishers in each age category (Male and Female), and athletes can accumulate points throughout the season to compete for the State Series honours, which will be presented at the Tasmanian Annual Awards function. 

Eligible Triathlon Tasmania members participating in the State Series events will automatically be eligible for points, and no registration or enrolment is required. Members must register for each event with the same name and TA Number as per the Triathlon Australia membership database. 

State Series Champions will be based on a participant’s accrual of points for the entire State Series results. 
Age Categories 

  • 12-14 - Youth will be allocated points in the Short Course only.
  • 15-18 - Juniors will be allocated points in the Sprint Course only.
  • 19-29
  • 30-39
  • 40-49
  • 50-59
  • 60+

Gold, Silver and Bronze Championship medals are awarded at each event to Tasmanian members of Triathlon Australia competing in State Championship races. If you are absent from presentations, you may collect your medal from the Triathlon Australia – Tasmanian office or request for it to be mailed (at your expense). 

Frequently Asked Questions 
Why were these races selected? 
Triathlon Australia and Tasmania stakeholders have identified events that are safe and have a strong reputation in the triathlon community. The 2023/24 State Series provides quality courses in all regions of the state and is inclusive for all ages. 

How do I determine my age category? 
These age groups are determined by date of birth as of 31 December 2023. 

Do I need to let TA know which races I am competing in? 

No, Triathlon Australia will be working with the race directors to ensure all Tasmanian members results are sent to the Triathlon Australia state office for point allocation. 

How long after a race will the point score come out? 
The race directors have a one-week time frame to send all results to the Triathlon Australia state office. The Triathlon Australia state office will then aim to have the point score up two weeks after the race. 

If there is an issue with my result or placing, who do I contact? 
All timing issues must go to the race organiser immediately after the event, within 30 minutes of the final race. Once the race results have been received by the Triathlon Australia state office, the places will stand. If you find an error in the State Series Leader Board, please contact 

If there is an issue with my point allocation on the Tasmanian website, who do I contact? 
If you have any issues with the State Series Leader Board, please contact the state office on 

What happens if an event is cancelled? 
If an event is cancelled and not able to be rescheduled, no points will be awarded to any participant for the race. 

Is there a series registration? 
No, to enter the series you just need to register through the event’s website and be an active standard or premium Triathlon Australia member that lives in Tasmania. Make sure you register in the correct race category so you can earn points. 

How do I know which race category to compete in? 
This can be found in the Events & Categories section of the State Series Rules on the website. 

How do I register for an event? 
State Series Races are run by Clubs & Event Directors, who have their own registration systems. You must register via the Event’s website. Links can be found on our website. Any queries regarding event registration should be directed to each Club or Event Director. 

If I do not race the required distance, can I still earn points? 
You are welcome to race any distance, (pending age to comply with the race competition rules).  However, the distances are set for the distances for each age group to compete at the distance to earn points and compete for championship honours. 

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