2017/18 Membership: Join or Renew

2017/18 Membership: Join or Renew

2017-18 Membership


Triathlon Australia's membership season starts on July 1st.  From this Saturday, June 17th, you are able to join as a new member, or renew your existing membership.  If you are already a members, we will be sending you an email this Friday (June 16th) specific to the type of membership you have, with detailed instructions on how to renew.
As a broad overview in the meantime, here's what to expect:

If you are not yet a member, click here to join now 

If you've joined during our up to 15 month promotion - put your feet up - you don't need to do anything this renewal season.
For all other existing members:

 Now  ActiveWorks membership portal is open to update your personal details, eg address, phone number and credit card

You can turn autorenewal on or off


June 17-June 30 2017

Activeworks Membership portal is open to:

  • Update personal details
  • Turn autorenewal on or off
  • Change which club you belong to or add an additional club
  • Manually renew (for all juniors as they can't automatically renew)
  • Manually renew (for all family/group packages)
 On July 1st 2017  Everyone with automatic renewal turned on will renew and charge the credit card saved in the Activeworks System.


If you don't want your membership to automatically renew on July 1st, you must log in and switch off autorenewal by June 30th.

Exitsting members (turn autorenew on/off, manuallly renew or update details): https://memberportal.active.com/

New or existing members (add or change club): https://membercui.active.com/membership/membership-reg/enterEmail

New members can join at any time - until June 16th on early bird pricing, or from June 17th on new season pricing.

Please remember that you can not use a mobile phone or tablet to renew your membership - it must be done on a PC with pop-ups enabled in your browser.
Need help with your membership? Contact admin@qld.triathlon.org.au or phone 07 3369 9600




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