Club promotions can be simple & effective

Club promotions can be simple & effective

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 Recently, Triathlon Queensland implemented a minor promotional strategy on behalf of our affiliated clubs and squads, with the aim of attracting new members through social media.

The project saw a small portion of funds allocated to each interested club to promote their services via social media - Facebook, Instagram and Messenger. For a two-week period, a club-focused advertisement appeared in the news feed of a targeted group of people, based on the demographic information provided to Triathlon Queensland. 

We had great success with the campaign - reaching a combined 48,490 people, with a 49.8% / 50.2% male / female split. We were able to target specific demographics for each club. As an example, mothers with pre-teen children interested in triathlon, who live in the Redlands area, and formatted the ads to suit. So far, we have had nearly 980 clicks through to the club websites, costing less than 30 cents per click. 

For each club, this was an average of 60 people visiting their website to learn more about their services. That is 60 potential new members! 

The project demonstrated to clubs how social media can be used as an effective yet inexpensive marketing tool to build a brand. We look forward to assisting our clubs and creating collaborative promotional activities in the future. If you would like any more information, please contact Emma on 07 3369 9600 or 


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