Did you know?: Road Rules for Cyclists

Did you know?: Road Rules for Cyclists



Whether you’ve just started riding or you’re an experienced cyclist, educating yourself on Queensland’s cycling laws is key to creating safe bikeways in 2017. But did you know that failing to adhere to these road rules could also impact your bank balance?


Fines for flouting road laws vary and range from a minimum of $48 for failing to keep left of oncoming vehicles to a whopping $1,137 for exceeding the speed limit by more than 40km/h!

Keep other cyclists safe and your hip pocket happy by checking out 10 of Queensland’s commonly broken road rules and what it will cost you to ignore them:
• Failing to wear a bicycle helmet- $121 fine
• Riding a bicycle without brakes and a bell, horn or similar warning device - $121 fine
• Neglecting to keep left of the centre of a road - $97 fine
• Overtaking in an unsafe manner - $170 fine
• Drinking alcohol while riding - $365 fine
• Ignoring a ‘Stop’ sign at a level crossing or intersection - $365 fine
• Ignoring a ‘No U-turn; sign at an intersection without traffic lights - $97
• Not giving way to a vehicle when entering a roundabout - $365 fine
• Failure to move out of the way of a police or emergency vehicle with its flashing lights or alarm - $284 fine
• Failing to give way to a pedestrian in a shared zone - $365 fine
Remember, ignorance of the law is not a defence. Make sure you’re informed by checking out Queensland’s cycling rules here: Queensland Cycling Laws
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