GoPros, Helmets & the Law

GoPros, Helmets & the Law

GoPro MBL article

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GoPros, helmets & the law


Since they launched in 2002, GoPros have become a worldwide phenomenon. From holidays to weddings to festivals to space, the pocket sized cameras are perfect for capturing memories.

Arguably one of the most common uses for GoPros is on our roads, where stunning footage from the front of a bike or car on scenic drives gathers millions of views online. But the added bonus is the legal protection for vulnerable road users, especially when the footage can help in the unfortunate event of an accident. As such, more and more cyclists are attaching a GoPro, or similar device, to their helmets.

Therefore, the question must be asked: is it legal to have a GoPro or similar device on a bicycle helmet? Whilst the law varies throughout Australia, in Queensland the law says yes.

In Queensland, all bike riders must wear a bicycle helmet to comply with the Queensland Road Rules. The Rules state that the helmet is required to:

  • Fit securely
  • Be fastened; and
  • Comply with Australian Standards AS 2063 or AS/NZS 2063.

Importantly, the Road Rules say that your helmet must be compliant at the time of manufacture – meaning that attaching a GoPro or camera to the helmet is not expressly prohibited provided the helmet was originally compliant with the Australian Standards.

It’s important to remember that the point of a helmet is to keep the rider safe and you should avoid, where possible, any attachments that may interfere with the helmet doing its job. If you’re unsure about whether a GoPro will affect the integrity of your helmet, speak to your helmet manufacturer.  

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