Hell Of The West Delivers A Worthy Course For Long Course State Championships.

Hell Of The West Delivers A Worthy Course For Long Course State Championships.


The 2023 Triathlon Queensland Long Course Championships were held at the 2023 Hell of the West Triathlon in Goondiwindi, and it was an event that will be remembered for years to come. Athletes from all over the country gathered to compete in what is known as one of the toughest triathlons in Australia.

The Hell of the West Triathlon is a grueling race that takes place in the small town of Goondiwindi, Queensland. The course consists of a 2km swim in the Macintyre River, an 80km out and back cycle leg, and a 20km run which hugs the Macintyre Riverbank.

This year's event was made even more special by the inclusion of the Triathlon Queensland Long Course Championships for Triathlon Queensland Members. This meant that the best athletes in the state were present, all vying for the coveted title of Long Course State Champion.

The race kicked off early in the morning, with athletes diving into the warm waters of the Macintyre River at dawn. The bike course was a scenic route that took the athletes out and back from the Goondiwindi township. The rough roads and conditions always make for a tough mental battle during the cycle leg with only the 40km turn around point providing an opportunity to take a small break before putting the power to the pedals once again for the return 40km journey. Competitors had to contend with strong winds, which made the ride even more challenging. 

However, those who persevered and pushed through the tough conditions, were all determined to make it to the finish line. During the final 20km run leg competitors were met with enthusiastic cheers from the crowd, who gathered to support the athletes racing and help bring them home to the finish line. Additionally, the enthusiastic local volunteers on the run course were on hand to keep competitors well hydrated at each aid station. 

In the Elite race it was a duo of course records with Ashleigh Gentle taking home the Elite Women’s title and Max Neumann who not only broke the course record but also took home his third HOTW victory. 

The 2023 Triathlon Queensland Long Course Championships held at the 2023 Hell of the West Triathlon in Goondiwindi once again was a showcase of incredible skill and determination with the HOTW organizers delivering a race that will go down in history. It was a true testament to the spirit of triathlon and the dedication of the athletes who participated at this year’s event. 

A special congratulations to our Triathlon Queensland Long Course Champions. 

State Champions - Long Distance

Name Age  Name 
  12-13 Katie Cross
 Declan Campbell 14-15 Megan Russell
Maurece Jackson 20-24 Emma Doyle
 Ben Forbes 25-29 Lauren Hume
 Daniel Smith 30-34 Megan Hendry
Jason Hamilton 35-39  Kathryn Alley
Robert Cordle 40-44 Kirsty Sheehan
Kirk Purchase 45-49 Angela Ballerini
Geoff Miller 50-54 Kim Bowling
 Rob Hill 55-59 Marion Hermitage
Darren Earle 60-64 Kim Fraser
Paul Nixon 65-69  Teresa Kunaeva


Full event results, click here

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