Keep your training on track over the silly season

Keep your training on track over the silly season

Christmas beach running

It’s not always easy to balance sticking to a training schedule while navigating the silly season.  We sat down with DGC/Tweed Coast Multisport’s Performance Coach (and athlete) Des Gooda for his 5 tips for staying on track through this crazy time of the year


If you work with a coach, sit down and do some forward planning before the ‘crazy’ weeks begin.  Some athletes will have races both just prior and just after Christmas, so ensure you have your training availability worked out . And remember, you may have plenty of time over the holidays but maybe your coach doesn’t.

TIP: Check the operating hours of the facilities you use, pools, gyms etc, especially over that period between Christmas and NY. 


If you don’t have important goal races immediately after the  Christmas/New Year period but still want to train through this time then just call it a maintenance period, quality training sessions don’t need to be hours long to be both productive and rewarding.

TIP: Most people can find 30 or 40 minutes whatever day it is to get out and do something - just think of it as earning your CCC’s, your Christmas Calorie Credits each day.

3. If you do have goal events or an ‘A’ race soon after the holidays and need to keep up some bigger training volumes you can still make these a ‘festive’ outing.  Organise some friends or club mates for a group run to somewhere different than your usual route, or organise a group open water swim and make these at a venue where there is BBQ/picnic facilities then hang around after and for a ‘festive’ get together.

In saying that, you may need to be somewhat disciplined over this period as we have probably all witnessed, a few to many festive beverages and family banquets can quickly undo previous good work.


Safety first: We are all aware of how busy this time of year is and the greatly increased traffic volumes on the roads, especially in the coastal areas along the eastern seaboard.
Choose the time you go out carefully, always ride defensively and remember, ‘flashing light, day or night’. 
Even safer over this period for those who can, would be to spend some time on “zwift’ or  break out the dreaded ‘trainer’ on the veranda. Again turn it into a group session if possible and safely enjoy the training.

5.  Lastly, Yes it is important to earn your Christmas Calorie Credits when you can over this period, but please remember this is a time to celebrate this season in a manner that's right for you. Celebrate your family and friends both past and present and enjoy whatever break you have as there is another 350 plus days to get back to this amazing sport of triathlon before it all comes around again.

Be safe, have a happy and enjoyable festive season and we will see you on a start line somewhere in 2018.




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