Lisa Jones - TQ Member Spotlight

Lisa Jones - TQ Member Spotlight


The Bayside Multisport Triathlon Club Committee, including triathlon superstar Lisa Jones, has developed a successful and innovative bike lending scheme. The concept does not leave the club at a loss, and breaks an identified barrier of entry, therefore benefitting all parties. This is a sustainable and manageable arrangement that other clubs can easily adapt.

Lisa has been involved in triathlon for over 10 years. While living in England, her friend was training for the Blenheim Palace tri and was invited to join. With the flexible training times, physical and mental challenge and welcoming and social environment, there was no looking back!

Before coaching at Bayside Multisport Triathlon Club, Lisa was a successful triathlete and accomplished an extraordinary achievement of become an Ironman. Now, in her coaching role, Lisa is passionate about helping young people find a sport or activity that they love. She feels that creating a safe and inclusive environment for athletes to learn and progress is critical to promoting the mindset that all abilities are welcomed.

In March, the Bayside Multisport committee identified that one barrier for participation in triathlon was cycling inexperience and the cost of buying a bike. To overcome this, the club decided to buy several second-hand bikes (with club funds). The bikes are serviced and remain in a safe condition, ready and waiting for perspective members to ride them. After an agreement and returnable deposit is paid, individuals can keep the bikes for a set period. Should the rider wish to purchase the bike, the cost is the same as the amount Bayside Multisport initially paid for the product. This brilliant loan scheme is promoted through our club communication and advertising channels, such as their website and A frame boards. To date, there have been 11 members who have started their triathlon journey by loaning a bike from Lisa and the team. This idea has opened doors to more participants in triathlon and navigated a challenging barrier our sport faces.

Being involved in multiple areas has shown Lisa all the sides that triathlon has to offer. From this experience, key lessons have been that there is always room to grow, but this requires resilience persistence and perseverance. The environment the triathlete also places themselves in also has a massive impact on enjoyment – so find a group of people who support and challenge you and make you want to be an even better version of yourself.

From being a mum, wife, teacher, coach, committee member and training herself, Lisa is a truly busy individual. She is a remarkable woman who continues to give back to the sport she loves and we thank Lisa for her support.


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