Meet Our Team - Julie Zeller

Meet Our Team - Julie Zeller

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We absolutely love the comradery and team spirit that we see on a day to day basis within the Triathlon Queensland community. Our Technical Officials are always out there supporting their local clubs and events and most importantly supporting athletes on their crazy triathlon journey. Let us help you get to know one of the Technical Officials from team TQ - the lovely Julie Zeller. 

Firstly to help you get to know Julie a little better, we should tell you that she is a pretty fearless lady, including having no problem swimming with fresh water crocodiles, but the thought of having a huntsman spider in her house sends shivers down her spine!

Julie is coming up to 5 years on her TO journey after completing her Level 1 course in Mount Isa at the Julia Creek Dirt 'n' Dust in 2015. Julie decided to take the plunge and become a TO because living in a rural area made her appreciate all of the opportunities that come her way. At the time she was a newbie to the triathlon world, so she loved being able to learn and understand the rules better - as well as being able to give her time to help out at local events.

If you asked Julie what she loves most about officiating, it would be helping the first timers and answering their questions. "They just want to learn and do their best. I love seeing their satisfaction and sense of accomplishment, and trying to put them at ease when they are confused or nervous." Bribie Tri series is one of Julies favourites for these reasons exactly!

A piece of advice that Julie would give to anyone considering joining the technical programme is to jump in! "All of the TO's are helpful and friendly and are always so happy to answer any questions."

If becoming a Technical Official for Triathlon Queensland is something you have been thinking about, head to our website for some more information or email us at


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