New Partner to offer triathletes a scientific approach in sports performance

New Partner to offer triathletes a scientific approach in sports performance

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Triathlon Queensland, BodyPlan and Red Radiology have joined in an exciting partnership to elevate the technology and resources available to the triathlon community.  The focus of this partnership is to deliver technologies and treatments, usually only reserved for elite athletes; making them accessible and affordable to enhance performance, prevent injury and improve rehabilitation management strategies. 

Triathlon Queensland’s new official sports and performance partner are working with BodyPlan and Red Radiology to develop a Musculoskeletal Centre of Excellence, to engage in the technologies and science that are seeing other elite athletes in Brisbane preventing injury, enhancing training and treating conditions such as tendinopathies and osteoarthritic pain.
These companies work with the Brisbane Broncos, Brisbane Roar, the Australian Cricket Team, CrossFit communities and a range of gym franchises in the area of DEXA body composition, metabolic testing and VO2 testing (on a Stages 3 bike).  All of these services are available to be supplied in a mobile environment to your team all delivered on the BodyBus.  
A holistic rehabilitation approach includes the companies working together to apply a range of techniques from CT & Ultrasound guided injections through to shockwave therapy, dry needling and remedial massage as a comprehensive solution.  This is applied with individualised programs by sports dietitians and exercise physiologists who are focussed on maximising performance and/or ensuring a collaboration of techniques are being applied to address the athlete’s requirements. 
Triathlon Queensland Executive Director Tim Harradine said a long-term view in preventative pain and injury management is at the heart of the new partnership with BodyPlan and Red Radiology.
“Our new partnership will connect the BodyBus, which employs testing such as DEXA scans, metabolic test and VO2 testing, as performed at the Australian Institute of Sport, with our local clubs.”
Mr Harradine said we are acutely aware that pain and or an injury can be a debilitating factor and we believe in a long-term view on athlete’s health and wellbeing.
BodyPlan Chief Body Officer Sharon Bryant said the aim of the partnership is to help elite and age group athletes achieve the best possible outcome through prevention management and providing the highest-level technologies and practices for pain and injury management. 
“Our aim in joining with Triathlon Queensland will be to ensure our triathletes have access to gold standard technologies for performance enhancement and for the rehabilitation management,” she said.
“While we understand athletes in pain are looking for a quick fix, we know that the best outcomes come from taking a comprehensive, longer-term view, a value we share with Triathlon Queensland.”


Triathlon Queensland members can receive their first remedial massage with an Exercise Physiologist for $50.  Contact BodyPlan for t&c and to book.


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