Piper Family - TQ Member Spotlight

Piper Family - TQ Member Spotlight

You may have heard about the Piper Family? Dusty and Elfie are part of the QLD State Team while Deezil is placing in local races such as the Queensland Triathlon Series and Bribie Island. Click here to read how this family of six live and breathe our great sport of triathlon!

Being squad swimmers and keen cross-country runners, Dusty and Elfie made the transition to triathlon after the family moved to Queensland in 2018. After showing a keen interest in the sport and committing to training, the boys ditched their BMX bikes that were being held together with tape, glue and spit, and invested into some triathlon-purpose bikes. Deezil soon followed his brothers and fell in love with our sport.

To ensure variety and a range of opinions, triathlon training is across many coaches and clubs. This includes Mark Gleeson (who has been instrumental in the boy’s early development as triathletes) and Dean Cane from Energy Lab Triathlon, Rina Hill (Be Energetic Tri & Run Club) and Jordan Curd (Carina Leagues Triathlon Club). Toby Coote (Sunshine Coast Triathlon Academy), Elliot Schultz (Professional Athlete), Erin Carswell and Team T-Rex Triathlon Club are also part of the journey. With all the different schedules, locations, and times, it is a combined effort from mum and dad (Kelly and Nick) to ensure all Piper family members are at the correct place at the right time with all the required equipment.

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It is clear Kelly and Nick ensure that the family maintains balance. During the Winter months, the boys have a 3-4 month break to regroup and get ready for the challenges of the upcoming season. They also have the belief that the kids should not specialise a sport too early, so despite the challenges of triathlon training, the boys maintain participation in multiple sports. All being academic award winners, education remains a high priority in the Piper family. As the three triathletes are still quite young, the family feels it is crucial to ensure the boys remain well-rounded.

Despite being relatively new to the triathlon scene, the Piper family has had some massive learnings over this time. This includes the simple hack of buying decent goggles. Having the confidence of swimming well and exiting the water in a solid place is great for self-belief and momentum in the race. Another lesson is understanding that the physical demands of performing all three disciplines means competitors are never comfortable. Pushing your body to the limits is a valuable mental lesson that can be applied to different areas of life.

Dusty, Elfie and Deezil have a younger sister named Tandi (aged 5) who is busting to follow in her brothers’ footsteps - remember the Piper name folks! Deezil will be having his final hit out this season at the upcoming Gold Coast Triathlon, so if you see him out on course, be sure to give him a cheer!

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