Queensland celebrates two IRONMAN World Champions!

Queensland celebrates two IRONMAN World Champions!

On a day that saw two Europeans become IRONMAN® World Champions for the second time, it was three time world champion Mirinda Carfrae who salvaged something for Australia.

Germany’s Jan Frodeno and Switzerland's Daniela Ryf produced dominant performances to claim back to back IRONMAN® World Championship titles at Kailua-Kona, Hawaii today.

But it was Carfrae who kept Australia's 12-year streak of podium finishes, which is unbroken since 2004, alive.

The Aussie podium streak looked in danger after three-time champion Carfrae finished the 180km bike leg in 13th position, over 22 minutes behind Ryf, and 14 minutes behind Germany’s Anja Beranek, who was in second place.

In stepped the tough Aussie, the Queenslander producing a stunning run making her way from 13th to second.

“I was just trying to put together a solid marathon after such a rough bike, it was far from my perfect day. Honestly Daniela was in a league of her own today, so I’ll take second,” Carfrae said.

“It’s incredible the support we receive from the crowd, to hear so many people cheer and yell your name, I hear those cheers every step of the way and it’s appreciated.”

After exiting the water 3:58  behind a large in a group including most of the contenders, Carfrae continued to lose time on the bike but relied on 2:58.20 run leg to storm onto the podium.

Congratulations to all our Queensland athletes who took on the ultimate endurance challenge at the 38th Ironman World Championships in Kona.

A special congratulations to Queenslanders Rosie McGeoch and Jenny Alcorn who picked up Gold!

Rosie McGeoch (40-44) - Swim 1:00:54 | Bike 5:28:42 | Run 3:34:20 | Finish 10:19:46
Jenny Alcorn (55-59) Swim 1:11:57 | Bike 6:04:00 | Run 3:55:01 | Finish 11:18:06

2016 IRONMAN® World Championship Finishers

PRO: David Dellow – Red Dog Triathlon Training, finished 24th in 08:40:24
PRO: Luke McKenzie- Noosa Tri Club, finished 35th in 08:57:35
18-24: Tom Gersekowski - Cairns Crocs Triathlon Club, finished 23rd in 11:06:49
25-29: Jarrod Harvey – T:Zero Multisport, finished 11th in 09:22:59
30-34: Richard Thompson – T:Zero Multisport, finished 9th in 09:17:39
30-34: Brett Weick – Southport Triathlon Club, finished 59th in 09:42:59
30-34: Guy Constant – Red Dog Triathlon Training, finished 88th in 09:53:48
30-34: Sean Richardson – Atlas Multisports, finished 57th in 09:42:31
35-39: Nathan Sandford – Cairns Crocs Triathlon Club, finished 105th in 10:00:39
40-44: Andrew Hartnett – Noosa Tri Club, finished 221st in 12:16:27
40-44: Brett Jenkins – Red Dog Triathlon Training, finished 101st in 10:15:17
40-44: Damien Jeffery – Brisbane Triathlon Club, finished 107th in 10:17:54
40-44: Ian Edwards – Red Dog Triathlon Training, finished 202nd in 11:22:38
40-44: Jason Cheshire – Noosa Tri Club, finished 180th in 10:57:05
40-44: Nathan Fitzakerley – Atlas Multisports finised 102nd in 10:15:30
45-49: Andrew Roberts – Redcliffe Triathlon Club, finished 245th in 13:56:55
45-59: Craig McGuigan – East Coast Cycos Triathlon Club, finished 22nd in 09:46:59
45-49: Damien Coad – Azure TNQ, finished 9th in 09:33:39
45-49: Mark Gleeson Tri Nation, finished 85th in 10:24:46
45-49: Paul Worroll – Noosa Tri Club, finished 177th in 11:13:39
45-49: Samuel Cooke – Atlas Multisports, finished 218th in 11:53:54
45-49: Tony Clark – Vipers Triathlon Club, finished 240th in 13:14:38
50-54: Craig Sweeney – Southport Triathlon Club, finished 153rd in 12:37:50
55-59: John Crossland – Frenchville Frogs, finished 106th in 15:30:59
55-59: Malcolm Miller – Sheldon Triathlon Club, finished 51st in 11:41:34
55-59: Perry Nation – Brisbane Triathlon Club, finished 16th in 10:51:46
60-64: Peter Sullivan – Toowoomba Triathlon Club, finished 24th in 12:10:24
60-64: Tomas Valena – Mackay Triathlon Club, finished 17th in 11:46:58
65-69: Allan Pitman – East Coast Cycos Triathlon Club, finished 11th in 12:47:02
65-69: Jon Howse – East Coast Cycos Triathlon Club, finished 17th in 13:33:42

PRO: Mirinda Carfrae, finished 2nd in 09:10:30
PRO: Carrie Lester – Sunshine Coast Tri Academy, finished 10th in 09:28:17
PRO: Sarah Crowley – Red Dog Triathlon Training, finished 15th in 09:42:34
PRO: Annabel Luxford – Surfers Paradise Triathlon Club - DNF
PRO: Melissa Hauschildt – Club Croc, DNF
18-24: Kierra Sansome – Sunshine Coast Triathlon Club, finished 4th 10:44:17
25-29: Steph Barrett – Red Dog Triathlon Training, finished 23rd 11:00:35
30-34: Alison Maher – East Coast Cycos Triathlon Club, finished 6th in 10:17:28
30-34: Stella Foley – Tri Nation, finished 21st in 10:46:15
30-34: Laura Whenmouth, finished 76th in 12:24:19
30-34: Sian Reece – Bayside Multisport, finished 55th in 11:31:01
35-39: Jo-Lene Crank – Club Croc, finished in 67th in 11:56:57
35-39: Stacey Van Der Meulen - Wilston Grange Triathlon Club, finished 32nd in 11:10:48
40-44: Rosie McGeoch – Red Dog Triathlon Training, finished 1st in 10:19:46
40-44: Jodie Browning – Central Highlands Triathlon Club, finished 60th in 11:42:28
40-44: Julia-Ann Dillon – Mavericks Coaching Alliance, finished 76th in 12:13:50
45-49: Susan Crowe – Cairns Crocs Triathlon Club, finished 5th in 10:51:28
45-49: Heidi Sowerby – Red Dog Triathlon Training, finished 6th in 10:46:53
45-49: Jane Crawford – Mavericks Coaching Alliance, finished 28th in 11:46:13
50-54: Angela Clarke – Vipers Triathlon Club, finished 24th in 12:06:59
50-54: Chrissie Bowie – South Bank Triathlon Club, finished 26th in 12:08:30
50-54: Karen Tavener – T:Zero Multisport, finished 42nd 12:41:10
50-54: Kerry Ireland – Tri Nation, finished 50th in 13:05:12
55-59: Jenny Alcorn – Surfers Paradise Triathlon Club, finished 1st in 11:18:06
55-59: Janet McAfee – East Coast Cycos Triathlon Club, finished 40th in 14:15:01
60-64: Karen McPherson – Cairns Crocs Triathlon Club, finished 9th in 14:07:56


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