Queenslanders on the start line today at the ITU World Championships

Queenslanders on the start line today at the ITU World Championships


Today’s Age Group World Championship race for Sprint and Standard distance will see 237 Australian athletes start in the event.  The Sprint distance will be draft legal and standard distance non-drafting.  Unlike previous championships, the events are held on the same day so athletes have had to choose which event to qualify for and compete in.
Rotterdam is known for unpredictable weather at this time of the year and this weekend has been predictable for the wrong reasons – cold, rainy and a change of a couple of thunderstorms each day.  Certainly not Queensland weather!  The ever popular Parade of Nations was cancelled due to weather.
Standard distance racing starts at 7.30am local time (27 separate wave starts) and Sprint distance begins at 1.35pm local time (20 wave starts).

Here are our Queenslanders taking the start line today:

16-19 Female -
16-19 Male James Thomas (Bargara Triathlon Club), Calum Rutter (Westside Triathlon Club), Kadel Harding (Westside Triathlon Club), Luke Harvey (Sharks Triathlon Club), Charles Liebenberg (Bargara Triathlon Club)
20-24 Female
20-24 Male – Tom Goodwin (South Bank Triathlon Club)
25-29 Female – Maighan Brown (DR Triathlon Coaching), Natalie Marcon (Surfers Paradise Triathlon Club)
25-29 Male – Alex Barnett (SBR/Standing Start/South Bank Triathlon Club)
30-34 Female
30-34 Male – Kristopher Sherrin (South Bank Triathlon Club/Red Dog/Brisbane Tri Club)
35-39 Female – Stephanie Albert (South Bank Triathlon Club)
35-39 Male – Oisin Grennan (South Bank Triathlon Club), Stephen Kettley (Team T-Rex), Adam Mclaughlin (Surfers Paradise Triathlon Club)
40-44 Female – Taryn Lester (Gold Coast Triathlon),
40-44 Male – Byron Rienstra (Red Dog Triathlon Training), Warren Foster, Ben Hall (DGC Tweed Coast Multisport), Linton Stolk (Bayside Multisport)
45-49 Female – Michellie Jones,
45-49 Male – Jordan Gover (Sunshine Coast Triathlon Academy)
50-54 Female – Jacquie Heaton (Surfers Paradise Triathlon Club)
50-54 Male – Sina Beiraghi, David Hunter (Ipswich Triathlon Club), Kenneth McKay (South Bank Triathlon Club),
55-59 Female -
55-59 Male – Allan Bieber (Club Croc), Peter Ffrench (Standing Start/South Bank Triathlon Club), Darren Hauser (Hervey Bay Triathlon Club), Dave Mackay (Tamborine Mountain Triathlon Club),
60-64 Female – Sally Ratcliffe (Noosa Triathlon Club), Cynthia Cliff (InTraining Running & Triathlon Club), Linda Meredith (Sharks Triathlon Club),
60-64 Male – Len Benson (Ballina Triathlon Club/Ipswich Triathlon Club), John Cash
65-69 Female – Therese Daamen (Mavericks Coaching Alliance), Catharina Hamilton (Carina Leagues Triathlon Club)
65-69 Male – Stephen Dalziel (Warwick Dalziel Triathlon Coaching), Greg Lebeter (Ipswich Triathlon Club), Peter Mathews (Redline Triathlon Training)
75-79 Male – Alf Lakin (Team T-Rex)
Standard Distance:
18-19 Female
– Olivia Jeffrey (Bond University Triathlon Club)
18-19 Male – Aidan Fuller (Sheldon Triathlon Club)
20-24 Female – Amy Penberthy (Carina Leagues Triathlon Club), Christie Johnson, Isabella Marles (Red Dog Triathlon Training), Madi Roberts (Red Dog Triathlon Training)
20-24 Male – Simon Otero (UQ Triathlon Club), Nathan Josefski
25-29 Female – Candace Sawtell (Redcliffe Triathlon Club), Rebecca Ungermann (Boss Multisport), Lisa Woolfe (Free Radicals Tribe)
25-29 Male – Timothy Murphy, Kyle Kurth (SBR Triathlon), Josh Woolfe (Free Radicals Tribe)
30-34 Female – Sandii Rixon (T:Zero Multisport), Joanne Wedlock (South Bank Triathlon Club)
30-34 Male -
35-39 Female – Fiona Lenz (Cairns Crocs Triathlon Club)
35-39 Male -
40-44 Female – Liz Savage (Red Dog Triathlon Training), Kim Wordsworth (South Bank Triathlon Club/Brisbane Triathlon Club)
40-44 Male – Shannon Ahern (Westside Triathlon Club), Leigh Whitney (Cairns Crocs Triathlon Club)
45-49 Female -
45-49 Male – Matthew Boevink (Red Dog Triathlon Training), Steve Bennett (South Bank Triathlon Club), Troy Collins,
50-54 Female - Teresa Joy Harding (Mackay Triathlon Club), Lisa Kruger (Hervey Bay Triathlon Club), Tracy Quin (Surfers Paradise Triathlon Club)
50-54 Male – Matthew Quin (Surfers Paradise Triathlon Club), Eric Stephen Leach (Westside Triathlon Club), Ian Hopper (Surfers Paradise Triathlon Club), Warren Kruger (Hervey Bay Triathlon Club)
55-59 Female – Sue Phillips (Bargara Triathlon Club), Louisa Abram (Red Dog Triathlon Training), Ruth Bullen (Cairns Crocs Triathlon Club), Stephanie Johnston (Cairns Crocs Triathlon Club)
55-59 Male – Ronald Harding (Mackay Triathlon Club)
60-64 Female – Annika Frossling (Free Radicals Tribe)
60-64 Male – Peter Clatworthy (B Mee Multisport), Phil Davies (Bayside Multisport)
65-59 Female – Penny Hearn (Noosa Triathlon Club)
65-69 Male – Martin Brigden (Cairns Crocs Triathlon Club), Rowland Cook (Atlas Multisports)
70-74 Female
70-74 Male – Peter Holgate (Noosa Triathlon Club)
75-79 Male – William Winter


Check back tomorrow for all the results!


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