Queenslanders racing in Kona

Queenslanders racing in Kona

Queenslanders going to Kona

Photo Credit: Australian Age Group World Championships Teams 

There will be 43 Queensland athletes taking to the starting line of the IRONMAN World Championships in Kona, Hawaii in two weeks time. Here are some interesting facts about these athletes:

  • 21 are female athletes and 22 are male athletes
  • 7 are Professional athletes, 5 of which are female
  • These athletes come from 21 different Queensland clubs
  • Some of Queensland's biggest contingents include 7 athletes representing Red Dog Triathlon Training, 4 representing Noosa Triathlon Club, 3 representing Swift Multisport and 3 representing T-Zero Multisport
  • Queensland's first male and female finishers from 2017 were Josh Amberger and Sarah Crowley, who are both on the start list for this year's event and who are both coached by Brisbane's Cameron Watt (Head Coach of The Hills District)
  • Liz Blatchford will be racing her fourth and final Kona World Championships (as a pro)
  • Last year Josh Amberger had more than a minute lead over the rest of the field after the swim leg
  • Mirinda Carfrae has raced at the Hawaii IRONMAN World Championships 8 times and was crowned the World Champion 3 of those times.
  • Alan Pitman will be racing in his 19th Kona World Championships this year


Professional athletes representing Queensland at the 2018 IRONMAN World Championships:

Professionals Club
Josh Amberger Red Dog Triathlon Training
Luke McKenzie Race Pace Coaching
Sarah Crowley Red Dog Triathlon Training
Carrie Lester Sunshine Coast Triathlon Academy
Liz Blatchford Surfers Paradise Triathlon Club
Beth McKenzie -


Age Group athletes representing Queensland at the 2018 IRONMAN World Championships:

Age Groupers Age Club
Anne Alford F35-39 Noosa Triathlon Club
Mitch Baker M25-29 Swift Multisport
Michael Besser M70-74 Noosa Triathlon Club
Peter Buchan M55-59 Red Dog Triathlon Training
Angela Clarke F50-54 Red Dog Triathlon Training
Jane Crawford F50-54 Mavericks Coaching
Darren Dillon M50-54 Mavericks Coaching
Brendan Flanagan M40-44 Red Dog Triathlon Training
Brett Forster M50-54 Sharks Triathlon Club
Michelle Gemmell F45-49 Red Dog Triathlon Training
Elle Goodall F30-34 T Zero Multisport
Megan Gray F45-49 -
Tamara Green F35-39 -
Jon Howse M65-69 East Coast Cycos
Ashleigh Hunter F25-29 T Zero Multisport
Kerry Ireland F50-54 Team Trex
Fiona Lawrence F45-49 Red Dog Triathlon Training
Derek MacMinn M55-59 Swift Multisport
Amy MacPherson F25-29 -
Kimberley McKinney F30-34 East Coast Cycos
Joanne Mclaughlan F50-54 Mackay Triathlon Club
Cheyne Murphy M35-39 Redcliffe Triathlon Club
Perry Nation M55-59 Brisbane Triathlon Club
Adrian Pearce M50-54 Southern Stars Triathlon Club
Andrew Perry M30-34 T Zero Multisport
Allan Pitman M70-74 East Coast Cycos
Ken Rae M65-69 Noosa Triathlon Club
Ryan Rae M35-39 Noosa Triathlon Club
John Robertson M40-44 Energy Lab Triathlon
Mark Rohde M40-44 Pursue Triathlon Club
Nathan Sandford M35-39 Cairns Cros Triathlon Club
Sarah Thomas F35-39 Azure TNQ
Thomas Valena M65-69 Mackay Triathlon Club
Kate Wardrope F40-44 Tri Nation
Kate Weaver F18-24 Sharks Triathlon Club
Paul Worroll M50-54 Swift Multisport



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