Sarah Crowley's Travel Tips

Sarah Crowley's Travel Tips

Sarah Crowley HOTWPhoto credit: Delly Carr

Queensland is filled with amazing destination races.  We asked ITU Long Course World Champion Sarah Crowley what she takes into consideration when traveling to an event - here are her top 6 suggestions:

1. Read the race info
You don’t have to study the race book but be familiar with the times you have to be there and the key details of the event. Sometimes this info helps when packing equipment but most importantly It is also good to make sure you are there on time. Never assume.

2. Choose nearby accommodation
I like to choose the race specified accommodation. It usually has special rates and its aways good to be near the event organisers who will often use the same accommodation. Should something go wrong there is often an English speaking person nearby if you are overseas.

3. The drive
Allow plenty of time. Whether you are driving to a regional race or headed to the airport. Give yourself extra time to account for traffic, road works and food and relief stops. When driving long distances, it is also best to stop every couple of hours for a walk at a larger town this will help to keep the blood circulating and will help you to stay awake with some fresh air. Share the driving. I also wear compression pants and use compression recovery boots while in the passenger seat.

4. Luggage
Luggage is always a big consideration for a triathlete. When driving ensure you have plenty of space and are not contorted into odd positions for a long trip.  Ensure all luggage is securely fastened, I have had a bike fly off the roof on the way out to Goondiwindi! Double check you have all the race essentials before leaving. I make sure I have physically seen my helmet, race shoes, bike shoes, race suit and speed or wetsuit in the car before I leave. These items are often the most difficult to replace. Everything else is usually available at the race site.

5. Training when you get there
Be careful training in foreign locations. Seek a guide or stick to the gym if you don’t have anyone with you. Better safe than sorry. There are usually organised familiarisation rides and swims so pick these first.

6. Do some research
You will be on your taper so find some fun things to see and do that don't require too much walking. Avoid hiring cars but by all means jump on a tour bus or a train and check out the location.

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