See triathlon from a new angle

See triathlon from a new angle

 Technical Offiial

As an athlete, or a spectator, we often only get one view of a triathlon.  Have you considered becoming a technical official and expanding your interaction with triathlon?  Our technical officials work as a variety of events - from local races right the way to international events.

Although the saying goes "rules were made to be broken", rules in triathlon are what keeps the sport safe, fair and helps makes it fun for athletes of all levels, and while each participant is responsible for knowing and abiding by the rules, our technical officials are there to help ensure those rules are kept and there is a level playing field for all athletes.

Becoming a technical official is a rewarding way to give back to the sport, stay involved if you are having a break from racing or are injured, or connecting with the sport while loved ones race.

As a technical official, you will build and hone your communication skills, develop risk assessment skills, interact with a variety of stakeholders from race directors to athletes to the public, and often be the first interaction the public have with Triathlon Queensland as an organisation.

To become a technical official, you need to complete an online officiating workshop run by the Australian Sports Commission, attend a morning training session run by Triathlon Queensland, and then complete a practical assessment at a triathlon.  You will also be required to obtain a Blue Card.  All training is free of charge.

Officiating is voluntary, although there is a per diem payment that helps to cover expenses.  

Our next course is in Brisbane on May 27th - click through for more information.  If you would like information on courses outside the Brisbane are, please contact Tracey at





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