Survey Results - What do you want to see from triathlon?

Survey Results - What do you want to see from triathlon?

Recently, we at Triathlon Queensland asked you what you wanted to see from triathlon. As we slowly start to come out of restrictions on sporting activity, it’s unclear whether the sport will take shape the way we remember, and as such, it was important to us to hear from you to see how we can grow and improve moving forward. We know that this sport is near and dear to the hearts of many of us, but nonetheless, we were blown away from the incredible number of responses. Even while the sporting landscape has taken a blow, it was truly touching to see how engaged and invested you all are in this sport. Listed below are the common themes from the survey, which will help us shape how the sport of triathlon across Queensland will continue to grow and improve.

What is the most important aspect of triathlon to you?

This category had the most overwhelming response, and it seems we all agree; the most important aspect of triathlon is those around us. We are all deeply passionate about the social aspect of the sport, as there’s nothing better than training alongside people who care for the sport as much as you do. Other responses included the fitness and health aspect, and the sense of achievement, challenge, and reward that comes from competing in not one, but three different sports.

What should we have at the top of our priority list?

As a diverse sport with three different disciplines, isolating a single priority above all else is a challenge, but there were a few common themes from your responses. Supporting junior athletes through grants, programs, and specific coaching was engaged as an area for growth, and club support was flagged as an important priority, with which we agree wholeheartedly. Through our club grant program, we’ve given more than $9,000 back to Queensland clubs to assist through this period, and we will continue to support and grow with our clubs in any way we can. We have also been working with local and national event providers to ensure a smooth return of racing opportunities across the state, which was another priority that was highlighted through the survey. The other major priority you identified centred around athlete support, inclusion, and retention.

If you could change one thing, what should it be? 

At Triathlon Queensland, we’re always excited to grow and keep up with the ever-changing triathlon landscape, which is why it’s so important to us to hear from you about what we need to do to change. You’ve identified that there needs to be more support for upcoming junior professionals, and that lower race entry would remove a barrier from getting involved in the sport. It has also been flagged that a review needs to be conducted of how the sport is resourced nationally. 

What resources would help you?

Triathlon is a diverse sport with not one, but three elements, as a result, there are many avenues we could explore to provide help for athletes across the state. A large percentage of the responses echoed the same idea around access and support for beginners entering the sport. This could take many forms, such as beginner clinics or camps run by local clubs throughout the season, or open water swimming session for those accustomed to pool swimming. Throughout the pandemic period, many clubs have provided TQ members with access to their online training sessions, which you identified as something you would like to continue once regular training resumes, along with more coaching resources for athletes, and community challenges.

What else do you want to see from us? 

This pandemic has shown us that the old way of doing things is no longer the only way to operate. Many clubs have moved their training sessions online, and we’ve followed in their footsteps. Many of you wanted online options for our coaching and technical programs, and you were also eager to see more engagement with age groupers and what’s happening at the club level. You’d also like to see more opportunity and engagement in school programs, and more local racing opportunities for youth and junior elite athletes.

There can be no growth without feedback, and it is always appreciated to be told how we can grow. From all of us at Triathlon Queensland, we thank you for your feedback, and we look forward to growing the sport post-pandemic.



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