Top 3 Tips For Racing An Aquathlon

Top 3 Tips For Racing An Aquathlon


Aquathlons are one of the most accessible multisport events out there which consists of just a swim and run often held over a variety of different distances to suit all age groups and abilities. These events can often be used as the stepping-stone for those looking to do a triathlon event in the future.

While an Aquathlon is often a great introduction for many competitors looking to take on the challenge of other multisport events, the Aquathlon can also a great stand-alone event with major Aquathlon events such as the Triathlon Queensland - State Aquathlon Championships and Triathlon Queensland - Community Aquathlon events for everyone to enjoy.

Triathlon Queensland has put together some handy tips and tricks to ensure that you are well prepared to enjoy the challenge of an Aquathlon event this coming season.  

Tip 1: Ensure that you write a checklist of your equipment that you will need the day before your event to make sure that you don’t forget anything on race morning. For Aquathlon events, there really isn’t it a lot to bring but there are a few very important items to remember to pack. One of the most important pieces of equipment is some well-fitting goggles. You might like to consider packing two pairs of goggles, one pair with clear lens for low light situations such as early mornings or an overcast race day, and another pair with darker lenses for bright and sunny conditions to help cut down the glare while you are swimming and trying to clearly see the swim turn buoy(s) and swim exit point.

Additionally, be sure to remember to pack your race number belt (if needed), running shoes, towel, tri suit or swimsuit along with your hydration and nutrition. It’s also a great idea to have a printout of your event registration confirmation email to make checking in at the event an easy and quick process. 

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TIP 2: Ensure that you know the course and distance that you will be competing. Often, Aquathlon events have multiple distances for different age groups and categories which run over a similar course with differing laps. It is very important to read the course maps found in the event guide and check that nothing has been changed on race morning (this will often be displayed on a notice board located next to the event registration and race pack pickup).

It’s very important to take note of turnaround points on the course and the number of laps of each discipline along with transition entry and exit points. To make transition a little easier to navigate, you may like to walk the path that you travel from the finish of one discipline to your spot in transition, and then to the exit of transition to start the next discipline. It can also be a great idea to check the depth of the swim start before you start your race to check the depth of the water if the race utilises a beach start.

TIP 3: The final tip is to enjoy the event and race smart. Often, the best and most efficient way to race any multisport event is to maintain an even pace from start to finish and not start out too hard. Play careful attention to ensuring that you are well hydrated pre and during your event. At many Aquathlon events there will be aid stations on the run course for you to be able to take onboard fluid and to use to splash your face with water to help you cool down during the run leg.

Aquathlons can not only be a great way to start your multisport journey, but also help to keep things interesting for those triathletes who have been doing the sport for years. The change from a predominantly upper body sport – swimming, to a predominantly lower body discipline – running can be an interesting challenge and really help you to become a better multidisciplinary multisport athlete not to mention just being a lot of fun for the while family.

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