Tri Mob - Bringing Deadliness to Triathlon

Tri Mob - Bringing Deadliness to Triathlon


TriMob is a unique national club that focuses on celebrating and promoting the Indigenous Australian peoples and their cultures.

Nat Heath, Club President, is a passionate and driven individual who continuously strives to give back to the community. Since starting the sport in 2011, Nat noticed there were few Aboriginal triathlon participants at events. This then sparked an idea to design a trisuit with an Aboriginal design to showcase his culture and represent his people. After talking to other participants, Nat realised that starting a triathlon club could be a potential avenue for community members to engage and learn about First Nations cultures and peoples.

TriMob is far from a conventional triathlon club. Nat’s purpose is to not ‘train’ together as a club, although he does connect members and local coaches, but rather to highlight and promote his culture and people. It is also to create a community of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander triathletes that support and encourage each other. Joining the club also decreases membership costs, breaking another barrier of entry.

Nat has many plans for the club, both short and long term. There will be a push for bi-monthly facetimes and ‘get to know you’ opportunities for members. These sessions will include discussing and highlighting both Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures, allowing the chance for non-Indigenous Australians to learn about their history. Additionally, TriMob will soon be launching the Ironman Project, an 18-month health promotion program which support First Nations Australians to compete and complete the 2024 Ironman Australia. Along the journey, despite having individualised plans, all program participants will be required to compete at certain races. This will create the opportunity for the team to come together, and then work with local Indigenous communities while on their ‘sport-cation’.

Long term, Nat has big ideas for TriMob. He hopes to develop a social enterprise, with the club being part of a larger organisation. This will then lead to having the capacity to run small local events for youth participants, providing new opportunities and creating more engagement with the sport. With the funds raised by the club, along with government grants (hopefully), costs should remain low for these events.

Nat is clearly a dedicated triathlete who continues to give back to the community. Whether this is through supporting local artists or seeking opportunities to promote the sport, he is determined to spread the love of triathlon and promote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures.

If you want to learn more about Tri Mob and get involved, be sure to check out their website or Instagram  



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